Inspiring Nail Art Ideas To Show Your Support For Women's Rights

Getting actively involved in protests and marches to defend women's rights is a lot like cheerleading, only better. (Go with us here...) Instead of motivating athletes, we’re advocating for ourselves. Win! Still, like cheerleaders, we need a shit ton of energy and at-the-ready chants to carry our message while on the front line. And for many, getting into the spirit means wearing gender-equality flair in any way we can. (In both the cheer and activism worlds, there’s no such thing as too much spirit.) For some, that means rocking a safety pin or two. For others, it’s pulling out that Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History tee from college. For us? It’s all of the above, with some dope nail art thrown in.

To help inspire manis with a message, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite feminist nail art to hit Instagram as of late. The boldest among us can dupe a design made to resemble period blood, or make talons sing with pussy power lettering. Those who want to go more minimal can rock a few decals of iconic women, placed strategically to show when flashing a peace sign, natch. Check out the tiniest (and most stylish) expressions of gender equality ahead, and get ready to get — and stay — in formation.

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In bright red with bold lettering, your International Women's Day shoutout will be impossible to miss.
This stark, minimalist design is half nail art, half just plain art.
Photo: Via yanster3/Instagram.
This design, which IDs the message in negative space over a series of nails, is like carrying a tiny banner on your digits.
Photo: Via another_beauty_space/Instagram.
That time of the month commands center stage with this period-themed design.
Photo: Via vanityprojects/Instagram.
These negative space feminist banners are backed by a very on-trend shade of millennial pink.
Photo: Via ppnorcal/Instagram.
Reproductive health gets a shoutout with this animated set of ovaries.
Photo: Via fenailslondon/Instagram.
How inspiring are this dude’s nail wraps, which feature black-and-white portraits of British Labour Party politician and civil right’s advocate Shami Chakrabarti and activist Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (of Pussy Riot fame)?
Photo: Via nailing_society/Instagram.
Gender-equality accent nails punch up this oxblood mani.
Photo: Via bestnailsclub/Instagram.
A closer look at this floral design reveals a strong political message.
Photo: Via nailpolishsaga/Instagram.
Since WWII, the image of Rosie the Riveter has served up some major #bossinspo — and this mani keeps the legacy alive.
Photo: Via alitroj/Instagram.
Inspired by the Women’s March (and classic tattoo lettering), this #pussypower mani is ready to rock.
Photo: Via badwitchnails/Instagram.
Vaginas, hearts, third eyes and a boss attitude help comprise the ultimate nasty woman vibe.
Photo: Via @tropicalpopical/Instagram.
Stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood — and show off your knowledge of the female reproductive organs.
Can't find yourself a pin? Get a manicure to ensure that everyone around you knows that time is up.
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