All Your Favorite Celebrities Are Going Green

Celebrity hair color trends, like seasons and tides, come and go. There once was a time when pink hair reigned supreme, then it was all about purple hues, then it was a take on blue denim, and finally, rainbow hair entered the beauty zeitgeist. Now it's shades of green that all the celebs are loving.

For the past few years it's popped up rather randomly on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, and Kelis, but now even more celebrities are taking their 'dos to bold new heights, wearing everything from lime to neon to kelly green with the help of a wig or dye job.

To Demi Crecco, a colorist at the Bumble and bumble uptown salon in New York City, this boom is no surprise. "I get people in here all the time asking for green hair," she says. "Why do they do it? I guess they're looking for something trendy. It's the same with the celebrities, they want something new."

The process for dyeing your green hair can be intense. Before you even think about trying the hue, Crecco must bleach the hair out to get that pale blonde shade that ensures the color will pop. (Unless you're naturally very light, in which case you might not need bleach, depending on the shade you want.) "You can't just throw green onto dark hair," Crecco says. "You have to think of how the color will mix. If you have yellow hair and throw green on it, then you can get something super muddy, and it probably won't be what you're looking for at all."

If you're going from brunette to green, according to Crecco, the process could easily take five or more hours. Then after you go green, Crecco says it's essential to take care of that color, recommending Bumble and bumble's Color Minded shampoo. Then before blowdrying, Crecco likes to use Bumble and bumble's oil-based Save The Day Day Protective Repair Fluid to make sure the hair isn't further damaged.

Clearly a ton of thought has to be put into dyeing your hair a Technicolor shade, but the vibrant end results really may be worth it. Also, always remember that if this kind of color commitment seems far too extreme, there are always wigs, which is what plenty of celebrities are opting to use to flaunt some green locks, ahead.

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A week after Cardi B dyed her hair blue to match her Lamborghini, Kim Kardashian West kinda did the same thing, dyeing her hair, and then getting a Lamborghini in Miami to match.

Hairstylist Chris Appleton helped organize this flex, outfitting Kim in a super-long neon green wig, which did match that Lambo quite perfectly. Kim's daughter North West was also a fan, riding around on a scooter in her mom's wig the morning after.
Following very closely in Kim's footsteps, SZA popped up in a more vibrant neon green wig, courtesy of hairstylist Dionte Gray, right after the VMAs. Gray was such a fan of the look that he dyed his own hair the same color right after, too.
Nicki Minaj gave us a sneak peek at her spin on green hair, showing off locks the color of slime green, à la SZA, on Instagram.
One of the easiest ways test out different hair colors without the commitment is with a protective hairstyle. Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix took a stab at the green hair trend by braiding her hair with grassy-colored extensions.
For her 23rd birthday, Dua Lipa went full throttle into this green hair movement with a deep, kelly green wig. She paired it with a pink sequin leotard, which made for one good color story.
Monica, who's on a bit of a hair color journey after going blue and yellow, decided to give bright green a chance thanks to hairstylist Kellon Deryck.
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For a far more subtle take on this trend, musician Kitty Cash frosted her bleached hair with a light green hue, bringing to mind green Sour Patch Kids and Easter eggs.
Every shade of green hair — from muted swamp-thing to neon to the deepest of mermaid turquoise — can be seen from NYC to LA and beyond. As Kylie Jenner proved with her green ends, weaving a super bright emerald color through an ombré is a great way to embrace the green hair trend with a bang.
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images.
Willow Smith rocked an incredible dusty kelly green on the ends of her super short coif. (She must have gotten tired of whipping her hair back and forth.) If your hair is super short, a touch of green on the ends is the perfect way to embrace this trend.
Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images.
Rocking mossy green hair and dark roots, Katy Perry helps us remember why green hair really is so awesome. There's something beguiling about a babe rocking swamp-thing hair with confidence. If you’re interested in this swampy ‘do, muted greens work great with cool skin tones.
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Kate Bosworth recently surprised us all when she added mint green to her ends. Mint is not a long-lasting shade; it starts bright and fades as fast as you can say California blonde. But, if you hate it, on fine light hair, mint green is hair today, gone tomorrow.
Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images.
Like a rarely seen tropical rainforest bird, Chloe Norgaard strutted the Rodarte runway with impeccable lime-green tresses. Neon green is one of those colors that works on any skin tone. The point is to be bold. Work it, girl!
Photo: George De Sota/Newsmakers/Getty Images.
Forget her milkshake: Kelis' green hair brought everybody to the yard. This renowned style chameleon looks fabulous no matter what she does. Her fearless experimentation with her hair has inspired many women to embrace their natural texture and embark on colorful journeys of their own. Kelis' blue to green gradient hair color is her best yet. Damn right, it's better than yours.
Photo: Via @lenadunham.
Lena Dunham proves that she clearly is that kind of girl by dying her hair the color of mint ice cream, which makes us hungry and a little jealous. Her low-commitment light green shade will likely last less than a week, which makes it the perfect choice for hair color chameleons. We have a feeling that this green hair move will inspire many others to take a dip into mint.
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