Why Aren't You Watching These Netflix Hidden Gems Yet?

Remember the feeling of flipping through channels aimlessly, and not landing on anything interesting enough to stop scrolling? Two hundred channels, and nothing to watch. Sometimes, despite its plethora of instantly streamable options, browsing Netflix feels the same as being stuck in streaming purgatory. You can look through pages' worth of colour-saturated thumbnails and still think there's nothing to watch.

But you would be wrong. Netflix is a treasure trove. You just have to know where to look. Step one: Bypass the content chosen precisely for you and your tastes by Netflix's all-knowing algorithm, and listen, instead, to the recommendations of friends. You know — those people who are pestering you to watch that off-kilter Danish show, or that short-lived comedy. They're probably right.

We've selected the hidden gems of Netflix, which are usually floating just below your line of sight. Here are the movies and TV shows you aren't watching, but should be.

Rita (2012-present)

Rita Madesen (Mille Dinesen) is an elementary school teacher, the cool kind. Maybe too cool. She defies rules, shirks conventional niceties, and occasionally sleeps with the principle. Sometimes, her three teenage children are the ones dong the mothering. When an old flame comes into her life, Rita reconsiders how she lives. Rita strikes the perfect balance between heartwarming and hilarious.
Lovesick (2014-present)

After being diagnosed with chlamydia, Dylan (Johnny Flynn) has to inform his list of ex-partners of the news. Each episode of this ridiculously charming British show focuses on a different person in Dylan's sexual history. As you watch Dylan and his group of 20-something friends earnestly navigate romance and friendship, you'll feel like you gained a new clique yourself. It also features the best "will they, won't they" relationship on TV. Come on, you crazy kids — just get on with it!
Seoul Searching (2015)

It's 1986, it's summer, and a group of Korean kids from all over the world have just arrived to Seoul for a kind of Korean birthright trip. Seoul Searching is like if a John Hughes movie met Euro Trip met some thought-provoking conversations about identity.
Schitt’s Creek (2015-present)

I guarantee we're not the first people to tell you to watch Schitt's Creek, the PopTV sitcom about a once-wealthy family forced to live in a tiny town called Schitt's Creek that the father, Johnny (Eugene Levy) had bought as a joke years earlier. The Rose family moves into a decrepit motel and adjusts to the town's kind, slow life. The show's "riches to rags" premise never gets old.
The IT Crowd (2006-2013)

Watch The IT Crowd, and join, well, an it crowd. This long-running British sitcom has amassed a cult following. Set in the dingy basement office of the fictional Reynholm Industries, the show follows three members of the IT team as they deal with the incompetencies of their coworkers on the top floor. Allegedly, a Netflix remake of The IT Crowd is in the works.
The Windsors (2016-present)

In the satirical universe of The Windsors, the British royal family isn't a collection of admirable individuals, modeling "proper" behavior. The men are dolts who learn about their family history by watching The Crown; the women are all scheming for the throne. The slapstick humor of The Windsors is irresistible fun. The show is also impressively current — it already aired its own version of the Harry and Meghan's recent royal wedding.
21 Thunder (2017)

Right now, the world is swept up in a veritable football fever. 21 Thunder, a show about a team of young Montreal soccer players determined to make it to the professional league, always has that fever. The series follows a group of players and coaches as their personal lives bleed onto the field. Things are especially shaken up when a woman soccer play joins the coaching staff.
Call My Agent (2017-present)

Have the ends of The Office and Parks and Rec left a workplace comedy-sized hole in your heart? Send Call My Agent, this delightful French TV show, in for the rescue. The show centres on four talent agents struggling to manage their client's crises and travails after their own boss suddenly drops dead. Call My Agent is a captivating look at the talent industry, and features actual French celebrities.
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