The Bling Empire Cast Is Doing The Most In 2021

Season 1 of Netflix's Bling Empire left viewers with a lot of questions: Were Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray getting back together? Was there really the potential for a relationship between Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee? Was Anna Shay really that... Anna Shay-y? Well, now we have the answers, because the Bling Empire cast has been speaking out about their lives in the time since the show filmed.

Bling Empire was filmed back in 2019, which is why it was a such a breath of fresh air with its January 2021 premiere. It was shot in a time before the pandemic, when we could all roam the streets maskless — and the super wealthy could spontaneously fly from Los Angeles to Paris to roam designer showrooms. It was a simpler time.


The cast share a few updates in a new video that Netflix uploaded to YouTube. Turns out, they have a cast group text — and they all would kick out Jaime Xie if they had to get rid of someone. Apparently, she never responds, and Jaime herself showed that she has 641 unread texts on her phone. The cast has also shared about their current lives in interviews and on their glamorous social media pages.

Click through to find out what the cast is doing now, where their relationships stand, and where Anna Shay shops during a pandemic. (Spoiler: Gucci and Target.)

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Kelly Mi Li Now, In 2021

Kelly's main storyline on Bling Empire had to do with her relationship with Andrew Gray. So, to answer your first question, yes, they are still together.

Kelly, who serves as an executive producer on the show, has also been very busy with her producing career.

"I just started a new production company this year called Wet Paws Media," she told Refinery29's Ariana Romero. She has a number of projects in the works, including a film with Aaron Eckhart, Terrence Howard, and George Lopez Called Afterward.

"The thing is, I love [producing]! I completely have a passion for it, and it doesn’t really feel like work for me," Kelly says. "I love being on set."
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Kevin Kreider Now, in 2021

Kevin, who had roommates when the show filmed, said in the Netflix update video that he now has his own place. His co-stars will be shocked to hear it costs a measly — in their eyes, at least — $1,700 (£1,200) a month.

He also hit another big personal milestone. Kevin reached five years sobriety in December 2020, which he opened up about in an Instagram post.

Kevin continues to model, and around the time that Bling Empire was filmed, he starred in the documentary The Ugly Model about being an Asian model and growing up adopted in a white American family.

In the Netflix video, Kevin said the best part of being on the show "is having Korean adoptees actually reach out to say our stories are finally being told."
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Kane Lim Now, In 2021

While we didn't get to see him in action on the show, Kane works in real estate. In a 2019 feature on Voyage LA, he explained, "My core focus right now is to grow the investment arm for my family. Back in Thailand, we have commercial real estate ranging from shopping malls to office buildings. In Los Angeles, I’m the process of doing some residential deals and commercial ones in the future." More recently, he posted a video of one of his listings on Instagram.

Kane is also an influencer, posting about fashion on his Instagram page.
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Kim Lee Now, In 2021

In the Netflix video, Kim said she got in touch with her father's wife, who offered her his ashes. Kim called the wife "a wonderful woman" and was glad her dad was in a loving relationship. She also said she asked to be sent some photos of her dad.

The finale of season 1 made it seem like there was potential for a relationship between Kim and Kevin. She admits that she is sometimes flirty with him, but that they mostly tease each other — including a stand-off about not following each other on Instagram — and that she gives him dating advice.

As for her career, Kim's been working on her music, appearing in numerous magazines, and hosts Yo! MTV Raps Asia.
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Christine Chiu Now, In 2021

Christine has been spending her time... interestingly. In an interview with, she explained that she's been receiving SWAT training. "I can stop, drop, roll, and run with guns in both hands now," she said. "I can shoot while running on both hands." She also said she was upping the security in her house and running drills. "I almost never feel safe. You have to always be on your guard."

She also talked about her relationship with her fellow cast members. "Cherie has become a really good friend of mine. We are plotting the marriage of our children," Christine said. "Anna, I've even had a couple of dinners with without claws coming out. I do genuinely adore the cast."

Christine also commented on her and husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu's storyline about potentially having another child. She said they haven't spoken about it since, but added, "Maybe we'll have to reopen that discussion."
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Anna Shay Now, In 2021

Christine might have said she had dinner with Anna Shay, but Anna doesn't have the same story. "No. That is a simple no, I do not talk to her," Anna said in the Netflix video. Meanwhile, in the same video, Christine again said that she had dinner with Anna and that they've texted. Hmmm.

Shay was recently profiled for Town & Country, which reported that she has been spending the pandemic reading philosophy texts written by her grandfather, Kiyoshi Oizumi, and becoming a licensed contractor. Remember that scene of her knocking down the wall in her closet? That's because she wants to renovate her own home.

She's also been shopping, of course. Kane told the magazine that she would literally shop through Gucci's window in order to social distance. She's also enjoying Target, which she discovered two years ago — "You can buy so many things there!" she said — and going to grocery stores to buy food to give away to those in need.
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Cherie Chan & Jessey Lee Now, in 2021

Fans will be glad to hear that Cherie and Jessey are still together. In the Netflix update video, Cherie said that she and Jessey are still engaged, but haven't planned their wedding yet because of the pandemic.

"We don't want to have a Zoom wedding," she said. "We don't want to plan and have a small wedding and have people get sick. We don't know anything yet."

Of watching herself give birth to her son on the show, Cherie said, "I definitely used up all the tissue in the tissue box."
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Jaime Xie Now, in 2021

Jaime is doing her fashion influencer thing. In a recent interview with Business Insider, she explained that after dropping out of Parsons, she starting working as an influencer full-time. She now makes around $100,000 (£80,000) per year from her partnerships.

She also gave an important update: The colour of Bottega Veneta bag she decided to choose after asking that shaman.

"I ended up getting the mist colour. And then I got a gold crinkled one, and then I got a light blue one with the Bottega Veneta intrecciato woven, and then I got a mini little gold one — it looks like a mini golden dumpling. It's like, the cutest thing ever."
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Guy Tang Now, in 2021

Guy Tang doesn't get a ton of screen time on Bling Empire, but he was one of the most known cast members going in. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Guy is a very popular hairstylist. He has his own line of products called Mydentity. On top of that, he's also a singer. He recently teased that a new album is coming soon.

You'll also want to know that he recently posted a photo of himself with a penis pump casually sitting on his nightstand. The guy knows how to play his reality show screen time for all its worth.
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