The Fashion Buys You Should Never, Ever Spend Money On

Even if you're the most careful shopper in the world — forgoing sample sales, "just looking" store trips with friends, and even those curiosity purchases from e-commerce sites with convenient return policies — you know how much buyer's remorse sucks. It's not just that you've got this thing sitting in your closet that's taking up space. It's not even that you spent money on it that you could have used toward something — anything! — else. It's mostly that you knew better, and you still bought it anyway.

So stop it already! Understand your weaknesses, know your blind spots, and start recognizing when that little voice in your head is spinning you a fantasy about how perfect a certain dress will look with those shoes you saw on that random woman in the subway, so you can recreate that scene you saw on Instagram earlier today of that blogger who was partying with celebrities on a yacht in Corsica. That voice is a lying liar. Ahead, we've called out the seven times when you should just drop it and walk away.

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
A Fashion "Gift" — For Someone Who's Not Your Sibling, Best Friend, Or S.O.
Buying someone clothing, jewelry, or accessories is usually a really bold move — it signals that you understand their tastes and preferences so well that you feel confident enough to know exactly what they'd like to wear. If you're lucky, you've got a handful of people in your life you know that well. For anyone else, get them something that's a bit less high-stakes.
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
That Last-Call Item That's Not Quite Your Size
You think you know what size you are in this brand, but you're only 20% confident that it's the same size as the item you're considering buying. And — worse yet — there's no take-backsies. Because you can't return the piece if (when) it doesn't work for you, just click out of that tab. The chances of this being a good idea are too slim to take the gamble.
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
The Too-Small Thing (That Fits If You Haven't Had Lunch Yet & As Long As You Don't Breathe)
News flash: You like lunch. And breathing. Buying clothes that don't fit with the assumption that they may fit if you do a bunch of things that aren't that fun is a terrible idea. There will always be another version of that item in your actual size. You can wait.
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
The Item You Bid On & Lost — Then Got An Email That It's Back
This is actually a super common scam. If you're directly getting sent an email that doesn't also show up in your account messages, you might be getting taken advantage of. Double check to see if the original seller contacted you through the reselling platform's messaging area first — with a link back to the original auction (and that they aren't asking you to wire transfer them the money).
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Another Version Of The Item You Already Own Three Times
If you're getting good wear out of the other ones, you probably don't need a fourth. If you have to get it, make a policy of getting rid of one of the old ones.
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Something Native-American Inspired That's Not Actually Made By Native-American People
Not only is this culturally tacky, it's also illegal (at least in the United States). There are so many wonderful Native vendors who make beautiful, affordable products to support.
Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Something That's Even A Little Bit Itchy
Maybe this is just us, but if an item's uncomfortable, pinchy, or itchy, it will never make it out of our closets, no matter how cool it looks. And how much money are you comfortable spending on a piece of clothing that's going to dress up the left side of your closet — and that's it?
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