The Fashion Buys You Should Never, Ever Spend Money On

Even if you're the most careful shopper in the world — forgoing sample sales, "just looking" store trips with friends, and even those curiosity purchases from e-commerce sites with convenient return policies — you know how much buyer's remorse sucks. It's not just that you've got this thing sitting in your closet that's taking up space. It's not even that you spent money on it that you could have used toward something — anything! — else. It's mostly that you knew better, and you still bought it anyway.
So stop it already! Understand your weaknesses, know your blind spots, and start recognising when that little voice in your head is spinning you a fantasy about how perfect a certain dress will look with those shoes you saw on that random woman on the tube, so you can recreate that scene you saw on Instagram earlier today of that blogger who was partying with celebrities on a yacht in Corsica. That voice is a lying liar. Ahead, we've sounded out the seven times when you should just drop it and walk away.