8 Addictive Phone Games That Will Challenge You, In A Good Way

The most addictive phone games come in different form, but have one key point in common: They make you feel equal parts frustration and validation as you play.

You don't want to be so stumped you can't make any progress, but if a puzzle is too easy, you won't feel the thrill that comes with advancing to the next level or beating your top score. After all, playing Sim City as a kid would never been as much fun as it was if you got stuck putting down your first water pipe.

Ahead, we've rounded up eight puzzle and obstacle-packed phone games that will test you, in a good way. They're the perfect companions for a commute or long trip. Delve into one, and you'll find yourself so distracted you almost miss your subway stop.

You'll feel like you're in a 1920s caper in Framed, which has you on the run from the cops. To escape capture, you'll need to correctly swap comic-book style scenes to write your own happy ending.

Framed, $3.99, available on the App Store.
Twist and turn each of the gorgeous Rubik's Cube-like puzzles of Euclidean Lands to advance from one tricky level to the next. There are 40 total, so expect to waste a lot of time here.

Euclidean Lands, $3.99, available on the App Store.
If you thought perfecting your own dive in the pool was hard, you haven't tried Flip Diving. To move from one cliff jump to the next, you'll need to perfect your form at each level. Belly flops aren't acceptable here.

Flip Diving, free, available on the App Store and Google Play.
Monument Valley is simple in theory: Guide the adorable Ida from one path to the next. It's figuring how to join that path into one continuous line that's the hard part. This gorgeous game is worth playing for its impressive design as much as its challenging puzzles.

Monument Valley, $3.99, available on the App Store and Google Play.
To survive in Plain Escape you'll need to successfully move the rolling ball to collect points (indicated by small spheres), while evading the items falling around it.

Plain Escape, free, available on the App Store.
Warning: You might feel a slight sense of vertigo in Rolly Vortex. The game is similar to Plain Escape — there's a rolling ball and you need to avoid obstacles — but you're moving through a spinning tunnel, which complicates things.

Rolly Vortex, free, available on the App Store.
The Snake you remember from your old Nokia phone is back, in a slightly different form. This time, you'll need to pass through numbered blocks to keep moving. If your snake doesn't have as many parts as the number on the block you're trying to move through, you'll crash and burn.

Snake VS Block, free, available on the App Store and Google Play.
Illi is an adorable, sheep-like creature who just wants to jump from one block to the next. Time it right and he'll stay alive. Tap for him to jump too soon, and he'll fall to his demise.

Illi, $1.99, available on the App Store.
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