Could This Be Kim Kardashian's Next Career Move?

We all know Kim Kardashian as a reality star and business mogul, but what would she do if she weren't famous? Like the trendsetter she is, Kim is way ahead of us on this one. She has a few ideas for what she thinks she would not only love to do, but has a knack for already. Leave it to Kim Kardashian to be already prepared for her next business venture.

Some of the jobs make total sense, while others catch us by surprise. It seems as though Kim Kardashian has some hidden talents we didn't know about; however, if you stop and think about them they kind of make sense. (For example, her saying she would make a good publicist seems like the perfect fit for the media-savvy mogul.)

We've also included a few jobs we think she might be well-suited for — just in case she's looking for a new passion. If she ever wanted to step away from the public eye, she has some pretty great alternatives.

Click through to see what jobs Kim Kardashian would be perfect for, if she wasn't busy being Kim Kardashian.

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Donato Sardella/Getty Images.
A Lawyer

According to her own lawyer, Mike Kump, Kardashian might have missed her calling.

"You’ve got the perfect instincts, you’ve got great judgment, and you know how to present your position in the most articulate manner and convince people of your point of view," the attorney revealed on Kardashian's own Snapchat story.
Charley Gallay/Getty Images.
A Publicist

In a feature with Interview Magazine, Kardashian admitted that while this might not be her official job, she often feels like she acts as her family's publicist.

"If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, or if this doesn’t work out one day, I could so be a publicist. I feel like that’s my job for the family sometimes, at least the crisis part of it," she told the outlet.

Umm, let's hope Kris Jenner never reads that.
Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
A Forensic Investigator

In a YouTube video with beauty expert Desi Perkins, Kardashian said that one of her dream jobs was inspired by some of her favorite TV shows. She believes she would be a good forensic investigator. "It's just what I feel that I could do really well and I am really fascinated, just different trials and it's like all the kind of shows I watch," she told Perkins.
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
A Makeup Artist

Given her reputation for flawless makeup, this makes so much sense. After all, the reality star has inspired countless beauty trends. Where would contouring be without Kim Kardashian?

In an interview with Allure, the reality star explained that she developed a love of makeup after nearly 10 years of sitting in a makeup chair everyday. "I fell in love with makeup and how it can transform you and make you feel good about yourself," she explained to Allure, adding, "Maybe I’ll be North’s makeup artist!"
Kim Kardashian / Instagram.
A Children's Tennis Coach

We already know that Kim is great with kids. Perhaps spending time on the courts as a children's tennis coach could be her calling.
Kim Kardashian / Instagram.
A Salad Chef

The reality star loves to promote healthy eating. She and her sisters even had the worst fascinated with their own salad order from Health Nut. With a salad spread like this, we would hope there is a cookbook of some kind on its way.
Kim Kardashian / Instagram.
A Mermaid

Sure, they may not actually be real, but if they were, Kim Kardashian would make a glamorous mermaid.
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