Zara Will Single-Handedly Get You Ready For The Holidays

Name one store that's always there when you need a last-minute look. Zara, of course. Just think about how many times the retail giant has saved you from yet another stained blouse, nothing-to-wear interview, or spur-of-the-moment Bumble date. But, it's during party season especially that we tend to rely on fast-fashion. Why? Because, to be honest, these events often come up at the last second, and the outfits we choose for them are likely worn for one night only.

But that doesn't mean you don't want to look damn good for each and every RSVP. Whether it's a work fête or a low-key New Years with friends, there's never reason not to wear sequins. And if a super-shimmery outfit isn't quite your thing, may we interest you in any fringe, faux fur, silk, or velvet? Because this holiday season, Zara is delivering it all (quite literally to your doorstep, if you so wish), once again proving to be the ultimate one-stop shop. Click ahead to be fully-prepared for many-a festive night ahead.

Zara Jacket with Shimmery Fringe, $89.90 Buy
Zara Crossover Sequinned Dress, $119.00 Buy
Zara Sequinned Halter Neck Jumpsuit, $149.00 Buy
Zara Fringed Jumpsuit, $89.90 Buy
Zara Blazer with Sequins, $119.00 Buy
Zara Sequinned Double Breasted Blazer, $199.00 Buy
Zara Combined Tuxedo Jumpsuit, $89.90 Buy
Zara Pleated Dress, $69.90 Buy
Zara Sequinned Top, $89.90 Buy
Zara Sequinned High Heel Ankle Boots, $69.90 Buy
Zara Short Sequin Dress, $49.90 Buy
Zara Colored Faux Fur Coat, $169.00 Buy
Zara Faux Fur Textured Coat with Hood, $169.00 Buy
Zara Pajama Shirt, $69.90 Buy
Zara Printed Trousers, $69.90 Buy
Zara Ruffled Skirt with Sequins, $89.90 Buy
Zara Draped Velvet Dress, $69.90 Buy
Zara Satin Dress with Exposed Shoulders, $69.90 Buy
Zara Sequined Skirt, $89.90 Buy
Zara Short Shiny Velvet Jumpsuit, $119.00 Buy
Zara Sequined Halter Neck Dress, $119.00 Buy
Zara Contrasting Velvet Blazer, $169.00 Buy
Zara Long Velvet Top, $49.90 Buy
Zara Mesh Mini Bag, $39.90 Buy
Zara Velvet Dress with Bib Front, $89.90 Buy
Zara Long Shiny Earrings, $19.89 Buy
Zara Long Earrings, $19.89 Buy
Zara Sock-Style Slingback Court Shoes, $99.90 Buy
Zara Sequinned High Heel Ankle Boots, $79.90 Buy
Zara Laminated Strappy Sandals, $49.90 Buy
Zara Patent Leather Sandals, $49.90 Buy
Zara Satin High Heel Sandals, $49.90 Buy
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