Here Are The Trends You'll See At Every Wedding In 2018

We know which wedding trends are overplayed — looking at you, Mason jars, burlap, and chalkboards. There are a few on our "sooo over" list from earlier this year that we're still fond of, though: Naked cakes will always beat out buttercream-heavy concoctions in taste and price, and we're still seeing flower crowns everywhere.

But what's next in weddings? Now that the Chevron and chalkboards are (mostly) behind us, what trends are we going to be seeing throughout 2018 and beyond? If you ask the team at WeddingWire, who recently put together a trend report for the upcoming year, we're going to see a major swing back to formality.

"The return to formality is the pendulum swinging back from the super-relaxed and laid-back weddings we’ve seen over the past five years thanks to the rustic and Coachella-style that has inspired couples," WeddingWire trend expert Anne Chertoff tells Refinery29.

But there's a caveat: While budgets are still sky-high, couples are inviting fewer guests. "That's because couples want to ensure a memorable and fun day and night, and putting more of their money towards the menu, the music, entertainment, and interactive elements," like specialty bars and welcome bags, says Chertoff.

Ahead, see what other trends you'll be seeing all over weddings in 2018.

Formal Is Back

"We are anticipating a stronger presence of uber-elegant weddings in 2018," wedding planner Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss in the Pacific Northwest told WeddingWire. "We are seeing cleaner florals, classic tuxedos, and a hint of sparkle." Chertoff says she's seeing a return to formal wedding dresses in the fall 2018 collections.

Couples are also bringing back the traditional wedding cake and the dinner-party-style reception. "Wedding cakes are back, and the cake-cutting ceremony is coming back. Couples want that photo in their album, the same one their parents have in theirs," Beth Bernstein of SQN Events in Chicago told WeddingWire.
Navy Is The New Black & Silver Is The New Rose Gold

Bernstein said navy is becoming a popular neutral shade in color palettes for formal weddings. "Instead of a classic black-and-white engraved invitation, couples are opting for a deep midnight-blue letter-pressed invitation," she said. As far as metallics go, silver and chrome are coming back to replace the ubiquitous rose gold.
A Pop Of Cake Color

Neutral cakes with just one standout tier are becoming a hit. It's the edible version of the accent-nail trend from a few years ago, if you will.
Woodsy Is The New Rustic

Greenery will be as big as ever, but not in a Mason-jars-and-twine way. "We'll also move away from burlap and see more wooden details," Taylor Green of Taylor Elise Events in St. Louis told WeddingWire. "Wooden details can include the invitation, table numbers, seating cards, tags, chargers, signage, chairs, and tables."
Flower Ceiling

Forget flower walls; in 2018 it'll be all about flowers cascading from the ceiling in the most dramatic and unexpected ways.
Forget The Old Photo Booth

Good-bye, fake mustaches and paper kissy lips. Couples are finding new ways to entertain guests with new interactive elements, like a "no-booth booth" and creative food stations.
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