Wedding Pinterest Trends We Are Sooo Over

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
You’re engaged — congrats! But before you go crazy on Pinterest, planning up a wedding storm, take a second to think about which trends are actually worth including on your big day. With hundreds of bride-friendly boards, separating the cute ideas from the ones that really represent your style can be almost as hard as finding a bridesmaid dress that everyone agrees on.
You’re excited, and we totally feel you — we just want to make sure that your wedding reflects you and your unique personality, not the entire DIY community. And while we’re #blessed to have Pinterest to help us find all sorts of one-of-a-kind concepts, just because they’re fun and feasible and right for someone doesn’t mean they’re right for you.
Ahead, 15 wedding Pinterest trends that, for better or worse, defined almost every wedding we’ve been to in the past three (at least!) years. And though few would dispute their initial appeal, most would agree that it’s time to bid these played-out pins farewell. Of course, you definitely shouldn’t worry about what’s cool if it’s something you truly love — we’re just here to remind you that the bulk of these trends are fleeting, while your marriage — or at least the ceremony, for sure — is forever.

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