Rihanna Sends Us Back To School With Her Latest Collection

Class is back in session! Slide into your seats kids, because our teacher Rihanna is taking attendance at Fenty University. And Teacher Rih Rih isn’t one to play with. She first schooled us in the fall of 2017, when she took over a historic French library, and presented her Fenty Puma collection to an audience of fashionable misfits in Paris. She even turned the library tables into the runway, on which she previewed her latest range of varsity sweaters, oversized puffer coats, pleated skirts with knee-high socks, bear-shaped backpacks, and sweats.

At the time, Rihanna said she had never been more in love with a collection (this was before she won at motocross, of course), describing the offering as having “a lot of simple things and a lot of complicated, more exaggerated pieces that combine really well together.” Rihanna just keeps adding more and more things for us to buy (and not just creepers, either).

If you weren’t able to score anything during Rihanna’s Fenty University pop-up shop on a school bus, on Thursday the “Wild Thoughts” singer is introducing new items to her collections with a second drop, and everything is so good. We’re talking quilted jackets, sweatshirts with mini dresses, varsity letter sweaters, pencil skirts, hoodies, track jackets, and even a huge faux fur shopper. Click ahead to shop and don’t be late! (You don’t want to get on the teacher’s bad side.)

Fenty x Puma Outdoor Beanie, $55.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Scarf, $70.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Giant Shopper, $350.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma FENTY Women's Velour Lacing Tight, $130.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Sweater, $200.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Cropped Hooded Puffer Coat, $450.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Track Jacket, $180.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Track Pant, $130.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Pullover, $180.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Cropped Sweater , $120.00 Buy
Fenty x Puma Varsity Pencil Skirt, $140.00 Buy
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