I Copied 5 Internet Costume How-Tos — & Here's How They Turned Out

I've always been in complete awe of people who make their own Halloween costumes. These days, it's easier than ever to go to a party store and purchase a full head-to-toe look, yet some crafty creatives still choose to pick up scissors and a hot glue gun and get crackin'. So for my latest challenge for Try Living With Lucie, I decided to DIY my own costumes — taking inspiration from Pinterest — and test how easy or hard they were to achieve.

The rules: Each costume would have to have a different challenge. For the super-fast, easy costume, there's the Jelly Belly costume. For something punny, a "Cereal Killer" (get it?). And for something a little throwback? Darla from Finding Nemo, obviously.

Click ahead for 5 easy, cheap costumes if you still haven't decided on a Halloween look.

For The Last-Minute Slacker
Time spent: 5 - 10 minutes

Need something incredibly quick and ridiculously cheap? Step into a clear garbage bag, fill it with balloons, and call yourself a larger-than-life bag of jelly beans. Warning: The bag might not lock balloons in safely, so expect to lose some beans throughout the night.
For The Crafty DIY-er
Time spent: 1-1.5 hours

I hot-glued cotton balls to the entire surface of a white dress and a white beanie, which took over an hour— way longer than I expected. For a finishing touch, draw a sheep's nose using liquid eyeliner.
For The Pizza Lover
Time spent: 20 minutes

This costume was conceived by @ColorMeCourtney, one of my all-time favorite Instagrammers, and included DIY pizza dresses, party hats and ranch dressing clutches.
For The Disney Fan
Time spent: 20 minutes

Time to dig out your old retainer — or get crafty. I wore fake braces, made myself headgear out of tinfoil, and put my hair in pigtails. Then, I filled a plastic bag with water and a (fake) fish. This was my favorite costume — I felt like the hair and the retainer/headgear set brought the whole costume together, and it was the only costume on my list that had me feeling 'in character' when I wore it.
For The Person Who Likes LOVES Puns
Time spent: 30 minutes

Of course — the classic "cereal killer" costume. For this look, I hot-glued empty cereal boxes to the back of a denim jacket, stabbed them with knives, and drizzled fake blood on top.
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