We Tried Thrifting Fashion Month's Biggest Trends

Here's the thing about capital-F fashion: Very rarely does it speak to what the everyday shopper has access to. Most people aren't able to line their closets in the latest Gucci, Balenciaga, and Céline; and even the ones who do still have to wait at least six months for their latest runway offerings to hit retail floors. It can be hard to update your look without feeling like you have to pick and choose from the trends you like and the ones you can afford. (And while there's always fast-fashion, that has its own sustainability problems among other things!) So, with influencer Tajah Galliano taking the lead, we set out to see if we could thrift Fashion Month's biggest trends — the double-denim looks, the sparkle parties, and the sensual mesh situations, among many others — to not just save money, but to pretty much guarantee you won't look like anyone else at a party or on the street. She headed to vintage store Installation Brooklyn, and pulled together six outfits that look straight off the runway.

Be warned though: Stumbling upon these items is no easy feat. As Galliano teaches us, it takes a lot of time and patience to wade through all your local thrift stores — or surf the internet — until you come across that golden piece. It also takes serious knowledge of cuts, colors, and labels — beware of fakes! — and, of course, some major self control. But the results are more than worth it. Trust us.

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Glamour Girl

"Shimmer and shine are ready to play along fall’s standard burgundy and gray. Be that one friend we all have who is always extra. Go on: Step into a room and own it like a disco ball."

Vintage '70s men’s disco button-up, vintage mules.
Denim Diva

"Denim-on-denim has been trending throughout the 2010s, but it's also a great way to incorporate all those other fall trends we can't get enough of (a fun beret, some shiny shoes) into the mix."

Vintage Levi’s shirt, vintage Levi’s flare jeans, vintage belt.
Let The Leather Linger

"Leather is always a winter staple, but its early debut on the runway has us rethinking all the ways we can wear it. December has plenty room for leather pants and jackets, so start off small and slow to make it last through the season."

Vintage plain white T-shirt, vintage Harley Davidson vest, vintage mini skirt, vintage silver link earrings.
Mesh It All Together

"Weather transitions are the best (and only) time to bring your favorite pieces from the previous season into the next. Mesh was everywhere this summer, but adding a beret instantly combines last season's must-have with this season's favorite."

Vintage red beret, vintage tan mesh men’s shirt, vintage flared Levi’s, vintage tan clogs.
Stay Warm, Stay Cool

"Suede is the best way to stay warm and stay cool at the same time. The '70s are everywhere this fall, and what' a '70s trend without a little suede? (Incomplete, that's what.)"

Vintage '70s men’s T-shirt, vintage suede pants, vintage silver booties.
Perched in Plaid

"Plaid and fall are so synonymous at this point, it’s hard to imagine one without the other. This season is no different, but you can switch it up with delicate colors for nighttime."

Vintage Elvira jacket, vintage Ben Davis T-shirt, vintage skirt, vintage velvet shoes.
I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

"The best part about thrifting your fall looks, is the thrill of the hunt — scouting the best spots, digging through bins, visualizing all the ways your new treasures will fit into your wardrobe. However it’s done, make sure you bring some friends along for the ride."

Models (left to right):Amara, Mecca, Shae
hosted by Annie Georgia Greenberg.
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