Camo Is Everywhere This Fall — Here's 10 Ways To Wear It

Sometimes, all we want to do is hide away from the world with Netflix and buttered popcorn. And while that happens more than we’d probably like to admit, there still comes a time when we’d rather be the center of attention and stand out from our peers. Finding a balance sounds easier said than done, but fortunately, there’s one styling trick that can give us a little taste of both worlds: camouflage. It’s the mainstay fabric made for “blending in,” yet it always looks sharp, bold, and totally cool. While it's popularity flickers, this time around, it’s back with a bang.

These days, you can find it in loose-fitting trousers — made for lounging in style — comfy sweatshirts, and the classic army jacket that pairs with just about everything. From streetwear to school wear and everything in between, camo is one of those timeless prints you should (finally!) invest in. Here's 10 ways to wear the trend, because let’s face it: We’re definitely not laying low anymore.

Black and white is always classy, and so easy to replicate. Instead of tucking in a plain tank, knot it up front for an easy style swap.
Let’s hear it for the crop top! Compliment the pattern with hues in the same color family.
Finish your look with a touch of red for major va-va-voom.
Photo via @patriciamanfield.
Pair an oversized jacket with an all-black look.
Grab your best friend and get matching.
Try a graphic tee with trousers in their classic shade.
Or, keep the styling more simple with a plain black tank.
Winter is right around the corner — a camo puffer coat will have you covered.
Photo via @emilisindlev.
Make a ubiquitous pattern feel all your own by adding some personalized touches.
Photo via @palomija.
Pile on the layers. The more mix-and-match prints, the better.
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