These White Walker Makeup Transformations Are Scary Good

Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones episode "Beyond The Wall" ahead.

The universe of Game of Thrones is vast, and there’s no shortage of things to be afraid of. Greyscale! Dragons! Falling in love with your aunt! All that and more, but none of it so threatening — and scary-looking — as the Night King, the White Walkers, and the Army of the Dead.

The reanimated dead may be slow-moving and relatively easy to destroy by fire, but even the most formidable men in Westeros know that they’re something to be very, very afraid of. And if they didn’t before, well… they certainly found out firsthand during last night’s gut-wrenching episode. (The reigning queen, however, is still going to need some convincing. Hopefully the wight they bagged will do the trick.)

We might gasp audibly every time a White Walker steps foot onscreen (and we have been, since the first episode of Season 1), but what goes on beyond the Wall is blessedly not real. That said, these YouTube tutorials have average humans looking a bit too close to the real thing for comfort. We’ll keep our Valyrian steel close at our sides, just to be safe.

Like many Thrones fans, YouTube sensation Lilly Singh spent the first half of July anxiously awaiting the show’s return. Unlike many other fans, however, Singh dedicated that time to creating a series of videos — rap diss tracks, to be more specific — dressed up as various characters from the show. Her take on the Night King would have been quite intimidating had he not shown a weakness for Drake.
This particular Night King look took YouTuber Sarah Magic Makeup six hours, but the end result was totally worth it. (It’s also a cautionary tale against using sketchy non-prescription colored contacts.)
No prosthetics here: This look is all incredibly detailed brushwork with makeup and professional face paint. The 3D effect she’s able to create with just black, white, and a little bit of gray eyeshadow is stunning — and, yes, very scary.
This might just be one of the most impressively detailed Night King transformations on the whole internet. It also uses standard-issue Play-Doh rather than actual prosthetics to form the more inhuman parts of the look — as in, the horns — so if you want to take on a Halloween costume that’s more advanced than just makeup, but not completely impossible without a degree in visual effects, start here.
Unless you’ve got some serious special-effects skills up your sleeve, this is one tutorial you probably won’t want to attempt: The amount of prosthetics and glue used is not for the casual one-day-a-year White Walker. Still, it’s really cool to watch — and the cameo from a Dothraki makes it even better.
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