Too Faced Is Having Another Sale — & It's More Than 50% Off

Surprise beauty sales are almost as good as finding a random $5 in your pants pocket, so stumbling across Too Faced's Just Because sale just made this week that much better. To be upfront: This is not a major blowout, but don't underestimate the savings to be had here. The brand is known for its travel-sized products and sample sets that let you indulge in its best-selling formulas without spending too much money. Now, those special offers are up to 65% off on the site... because, why not?

If you're in the market for a beginner-friendly lip plumper, budge-proof mascara, or bronzer in practically every shade imaginable, this is something you have to check out. The sale is taking place now through Monday, August 21, so click ahead to check out all the best products available. (We won't tell anyone where you'll be spending your Friday paycheck...)

Lining your can make all the difference — but that doesn't make the practice easy. This clear pencil promises a clean line of lipstick every single time.

Too Faced Borderline Lip Pencil, $7.50 (reg. $18.50), available at Too Faced.
Lucy Hale’s brow artist told us that the secret to faking fuller brows is a highlighter pencil right on the brow bone — and this is one is foolproof.

Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift, $7 (reg. $20), available at Too Faced.
Smooth lip liners that glide on even if you've skipped the lip balm are key. These ones last through breakfast and lunch.

Too Faced Perfect Lips, $7.50 (reg. $17), available at Too Faced.
Everyone knows about Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara, but we think this formula is an overlooked underdog — perfect for beginners who want a clean, fluttery lash look.

Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara, $10 (reg. $21), available at Too Faced.
Kabuki brushes are the multi-purpose tools you never knew you needed — and for $18, getting your hands on one is easy.

Too Faced Retractable Bronze-Buki Brush, $18 (reg. $34), available at Too Faced.
This eyeshadow trio offers more shadows than you’d get in a normal, eight-pan palette and a variety of color combos you probably wouldn't have reached for otherwise.

Too Faced Love Palette, $25 (reg. $49), available at Too Faced.
There’s nothing quite like a well-rounded neutral palette to serve all your earthy makeup needs.

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Eye Shadow Collection, $18 (reg. $36), available at Too Faced.
This creamy formula makes all-over bold eye looks that much easier — and it won't budge for hours.

Too Faced Bulletproof Liner, $7 (reg. $22), available at Too Faced.
Perfect for building your perfect cat-eye: A dreamy mix of gorgeous colors (and animal-printed packaging to match).

Too Faced Cat Eyes Ferociously Collection, $18 (reg. $36), available at Too Faced.
One of the OG Too Faced products is now on sale, including some of the best year-round lipstick shades of all time.

Too Faced La Creme, $7.50 (reg. $22), available at Too Faced.
Who knew that all you needed to make summer last longer was a little bronzer and lip balm?

Too Faced Kiss & Makeup Set, $9 (reg. $15), available at Too Faced.
If you’re not a matte lip fan, these sheer tinted balms are a pretty substitute.

Too Faced La Creme Lip Balm, $7.50 (reg. $22), available at Too Faced.
Finding a comfortable liquid lipstick can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but Too Faced’s La Matte formula is a softer alternative that leaves behind a solid matte finish without drying out your lips.

Too Faced La Matte, $7.50 (reg. $22), available at Too Faced.
This primer locks color onto lips — or adds a glossy sheen to otherwise dull shades — so you never have to deal with feathering again.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Glossy Lip Primer, $7.50 (reg. $20), available at Too Faced.
This two-piece set offers you a natural flush and just-bitten warmth on the lips for less than $10.

Too Faced Love At First Kiss Set, $9 (reg. $19), available at Too Faced.
The liquid lipstick that will hook even the most jaded beauty buff into believing the trend isn’t tired yet. And with over 15 bold shades, it's hard not to find one you adore.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, $7.50 (reg. $21), available at Too Faced.
But if you’re more of a nude lover, these brown-based shades will suit your preference.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipstick, $7.50 (reg. $21), available at Too Faced.
If you missed your chance scooping up this vibrant lip last winter, now is your last chance.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Candy Cane, $7.50 (reg. $21), available at Too Faced.
If you’re ready to head down the metallic route, these formulas are still stellar when paired with flecks of glitter.

Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick, $7.50 (reg. $21), available at Too Faced.
Looking to add a little fun to your usual makeup palette? This six-shade collection comes with cutesy stickers to help with that.

Too Faced Cute Eye Shadow Collection, $18 (reg. $16), available at Too Faced.
Even if you don't go anywhere on Labor Day weekend, you can still stock up on bottles of bronzing oil to make it look like you did.

Too Faced Royal Oil Coconut Body Bronzer, $15 (reg. $35), available at Too Faced.
Double-ended products already deliver a huge bang for your buck, so this liner with a built-in smudger is a deal dream come true.

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner, $7 (reg. $18), available at Too Faced.
Is it ever worth posting on Instagram if your highlight doesn’t beam right off the phone screen?

Too Faced Selfie Powders, $15 (reg. $36), available at Too Faced.
Hitting snooze three times in a row doesn't mean you have to go forego makeup completely. All you need is this lip plumper and mascara duo that you can carry in your purse — and apply on the go.

Too Faced Sex Lips & Lashes Set, $9 (reg. $15), available at Too Faced.
Adding a little warmth to the face can make you look instantly more awake, making this three-piece set (brush included) is a necessity.

Too Faced Passport To Bronze, $10 (reg. $25), available at Too Faced.
And to carry your new makeup haul: a pretty-in-pink clutch.

Too Faced Park Ave Kisses Bag, $5 (reg. $10), available at Too Faced.
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