Behind The Wildest Things in Kendall Jenner's Closet

Forget the days of inoffensive rag + bone skinny jeans and black booties — Kendall Jenner's adventurous taste is redefining model off-duty style. The fashion industry darling is unafraid to test drive new trends and start a couple of her own, from sheer tops and asymmetrical mini skirts, to headbands and retro bikinis.

It's obvious that Jenner is blessed with an enviable wardrobe — and Vogue's and Conde Nast Entertainment's recently released video documenting her two closets in their full, 360-degree glory did not disappoint. The deep dive into Jenner's wardrobe is the first installment of the new virtual reality Supermodel Closets series. The next episode will venture into the sure-to-be epic closet of Cindy Crawford this September — just in time for Fashion Week.

While we were happy to zoom in on Jenner's shoe racks to our hearts content, the best part of the video, of course, was hearing the model wax poetic about her favorite pieces (and with so many to choose from, you know the ones she loves have to be good).

Click through to learn more about some stand-outs, from the surprising story behind her 21st birthday dress to the source of her favorite vintage bag (which surprisingly isn't a Kris Jenner hand-me-down).

Is Kendall Jenner possessed by the ghost of trends past? The model's passion for vintage is admirable, but her one-woman crusade to bring back fanny packs is on another level.

The crown jewel of her collection? A vintage Louis Vuitton fanny pack so beloved, Jenner refers to it as "her baby." Worn here as a shoulder bag, the unique piece looks like a rare find — but it didn't originate from a high-end vintage resale site. Rather, it originally belonged to Jenner's own grandma! It appears that fanny pack obsessions might be genetic.
Kendall has a penchant for celestial denim, but this pinstriped pair from Marc Jacobs is truly out of this world. Jenner confessed she attempted to steal them from a Vogue shoot, but failed to get them off the set. How did they end up in her closet? The magazine gifted her the pair after hearing of her failed attempt at set-lifting. Oh, to be a Kardashian/Jenner.
In 2016, Jenner wore a body-skimming Atelier Versace dress to the Met Gala. The strategically placed cut-outs dotting the sparkly caged dress helped Jenner solidify her reputation as a legitimate model, making it the perfect dress for her to wear while meeting the doyenne of all supermodels: Cindy Crawford. "I ran into Cindy Crawford on the red carpet and we took a photo together," Jenner told Vogue. "Honestly, it made all of my dreams come true."
Who knew that a towering, orange pair of Vetements x Manolo Blahnik boots would become fodder for the 'Gram Heard Round The Internet? Jenner may be topless in her selfie, but half of her body is ensconced in her thigh-highs.

The striking pair of shoes seem like a lot of work to put on without help — Jenner struggles to do it solo in the Vogue video. However, a lot of capital F fashion is hard work. More importantly, Jenner acknowledges the It shoes make her "feel cool" — so much so that she exclaims she's ready to wear them off the video shoot and straight to lunch. Live your shoe truth!
The slinky number Jenner wore on her 21st birthday is so special, she declared: "This dress is going to be a part of my closet for the rest of my life." While the outfit famously evokes Paris Hilton's iconic 21st birthday dress, it turns out Jenner herself wasn't aware of the original owner when she sent a partially-obscured reference photo to her stylist.

"I ended up going to my 21st birthday, Paris Hilton was there and she said 'Oh my god, I wore this dress on my 21st birthday," Jenner told Vogue. "And I showed her my reference photo, it was actually her." After the reveal, Jenner was quick to credit her inspiration with the Instagram caption "vintage Paris Hilton vibes."
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