Have You Even Seen Donatella Versace's Instagram?

For Donatella Versace, extraness is a way of life. And we say that with utmost love and respect: In fact, her level of extra is so fabulous, it's basically globally understood that no one can do extra like Donatella Versace does extra. Now, we promise to stop being so extra. But really — the designer of Versace and Versus Versace is not only talented and, you know, a pretty glamorous household name; she's also quite the chronicler of her own life's festivities. And the videos she posts on her Instagram, which are brimming with models, houses, celebrities, and more models, are pure entertainment.

Scrolling through Versace's colorful Instagram profile is what you'd expect from a front row seat to the glamorous life of a luxury Italian designer, sure, but it's so much more than that. The legend doesn't really let a moment of her life go un-posted, which is atypical of the old guard of designers she comes from — most err on the work-focused, elusive side, instead of the candid, open approach that younger designers tend to take when it comes to social media habits. But for Donatella Versace, the mogul has mastered the art of doing both.

Ahead, we've compiled some of our favorite Versace moments. Whether she's moseying through Palazzo Versace in Dubai, or taking a chill walk with her pup, Audrey, on a visit to New York, we can clearly all learn a little something in terms of social media strategy from the designer. For example, you can't work out if you don't look good, apparently. Or if you didn't post it to Instagram, too. And, another virtue, which you can deduct from her daily outfits: There's no such thing as a day off. It's clear Donatella Versace is living her best life, and we are living for it. Ciao, everybody!

Via Gesù! Be there or be squared.
That's right: Fearless, free, and happy. And don't you forget it.
But Donatella, we're already following you!
And, sometimes, it's as if she doesn't even know care that the cameras are there. A true professional.
Because when you're Donatella Versace, why have one date when you can have two?
Audrey is getting ready for the boys! We'll be right there.
Excuse us while we pretend our invite got lost in the mail. Look, Italy is far away — okay?
A private jet to the Super Bowl? Ring lighting? Lady Gaga? We've died and gone to fashion heaven.
Let's go, Gigi — they've spotted us!
Now, this is what a boss looks like.
This (super) woman really does do it all. And in Riccardo Tisci x Nike, to boot.
At this point, we all know what they were talking about. Yet still, we swoon...
It's hard to look sad when you look that major.
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