People Are NOT Happy About Bella Hadid's Met Gala Look

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Like anyone who's ever been obligated to attend an important social event knowing an ex and their new flame will be present, Bella Hadid probably just wanted to get through the Met Gala drama-free. The model showed up last night in a skintight knit bodysuit, with her brother Anwar, sister Gigi, mom Yolanda, and designer date Alexander Wang in tow, and by all accounts had a seemingly nice evening.

But while Met Gala attendees were enjoying fashion’s most high-profile party of the year, the internet was sinking to a whole new level of petty — because Hadid made the unforgivable mistake of getting a bob. And you know who else has a bob? Selena Gomez. As in, Bella’s ex The Weeknd's new girlfriend.

Photo: James Gourley/BEI/REX/Shutterstock.

By this logic, Hadid's new haircut had to be a blatant ripoff of the (fake) one Selena was seen sporting on Instagram a few days prior. There is absolutely no other way that Hadid could have independently decided that she would cut her hair into a bob. And thanks to some eagle-eyed internet sleuths, we now know the truth — that the only person in the world with a bob is Selena Gomez, and therefore anyone who also gets a bob is copying her. Case closed.

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