Apple Just Announced A New Release That Will Transform Your Instagram Game

Apple just announced a brand new tool that is going to take your Instagram game to the next level. Clips, which will be available to download on iPhones and iPads next month, is a free Apple app that lets you create insanely cool-looking videos in seconds — no film experience needed.

Clips fills the gap between iMovie, a more complex tool for film sequencing, and Memories, a simple, auto-generated collection of your photos. The beauty of it is that you can record new videos or photos in the app or upload ones from your library. Once you have the images or video clips you want, you can put them in the order you like, add special effects, and pick one of the specially curated playlists as your soundtrack. Once you’re happy with the video, you can instantly share it to Facebook and Instagram, and send it via text.

Apple hasn't given an exact release date yet, but the app will launch in the App Store. Sadly, Android users will have to sit this one out. Clips only works on iOS devices and Apple has not yet announced plans to bring it to Android.

Click ahead for a first peek at how Clips will look and know this — come April, your Instagram feed will be packed with these videos.

All you need to do to record a video is tap and hold the red “hold to record” button (if you don’t want to hold it down, you can also swipe left to keep recording, hands-free). Once you have your video segment, you can use the tools along the top of the screen to add fun filters, including the comic book one shown, as well as emoji, speech bubbles, and full screen animations.

Along the far right of the toolbar is the musical note. Tap that and you can add a song from your own music collection or one of Clips’ specially created playlists. I recommend the latter, since all of the songs were created to adjust to the length of your video (i.e. a song won’t cut off mid-lyric at the end)..
If you don’t like the filter you picked, you can always tap the three intertwined circles and try another. Try out as many as you like until you’ve found the one that feels right.
Okay, now for the coolest part of Clips. The far left tab on the upper toolbar introduces a brand new Apple technology called Live Titles. Speak on camera and you can create animated captions and titles for your videos. You can always edit these captions later and choose to mute your voice if you only want the text to show up on screen.
After all your videos and photos are added, you can easily adjust the sequence and edit the length.
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