Here's Everything That's Shutting Down Due To The Women's Strike

It's on.

Judging by the outpouring of engagement and support, the women's strike will make just as strong a statement as the Women's March (a.k.a. the largest inaugural protest in history).

The Women's March organizers have declared March 8 A Day Without A Woman, with an international strike to take place in over 30 countries. Women are planning to speak up in a variety of ways, including taking the day off work, not spending any money, and engaging in civic action like calling their representatives.

The day is meant to underscore how much still needs to be done to achieve gender equality worldwide. Even elementary-school kids are participating (you have to read these letters a couple of little girls wrote to their principal about the strike).

To show us what a day without a woman would look like, various schools, businesses, and other organizations are planning to shut down. See all the places that have announced they're closing, ahead. We'll update this list as we hear about more.

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Alexandria City Public School District, Virginia

More than 300 staff members in the D.C.-area school district requested a day off on Wednesday, March 8, according to Alexandria City Public Schools’ website, which "may be attributed to the observance of International Women’s Day." As a result, the district decided to close schools.

"This is not a decision that was made lightly," according to ACPS. "We have been closely monitoring requests for leave on March 8, including communicating with school leaders and our education association. The decision is based solely on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all our classrooms, and the impact of high staff absenteeism on student safety and delivery of instruction. It is not based on a political stance or position."
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Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District, North Carolina

After learning how many staffers were planning to participate in the strike, district officials decided to close schools. "Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools values and supports its female employees. However, the decision to close schools is not an endorsement of the planned demonstration," according to a statement. "The decision is made solely to avoid operating school on a day when there are insufficient staff to provide instruction and basic school services."
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Prince George's County Public Schools, Maryland

PG County schools are also closed due to a high number of staff members taking the day off. Chief Executive Officer Kevin Maxwell said this is for safety reasons, and the school district hasn't taken a political stance.
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Center City Public Charter Schools, Washington, D.C.

Center City Public Charter Schools closed all six of its schools "due to the large number of staff requests for time off to participate in A Day Without A Woman."
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Maple Street School, Brooklyn, New York

The Maple Street School in Brooklyn sent a letter to parents last week expressing its support for the women's strike. The school is offering "backup care" for those who need it.

"At Maple Street we have taught our kids, your kids, to have a voice, to use their words kindly but firmly, to always have a plan and think about the how and the why," said the statement from the school. "We practice with them how to protest, how to march for a cause, the importance of giving back to their communities, how to identify injustice and we show them how much we love and truly support their diverse lives, personalities and family by embracing their individuality rather than pretending it's not there... [In] this spirit, we as a staff will show our kids that not only do we talk the talk but we do actually practice all that we teach them."
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The New School, New York City

The New School announced its support for the strike after almost 20 female faculty members wrote a letter encouraging their colleagues to cancel classes. The school allowed faculty members "flexibility" in canceling classes and asked managers to be "as receptive as possible" to participating staff.

The university is also being lenient about students missing class. "We encourage faculty not to mark students absent if they have communicated their intentions ahead of time and made the necessary arrangements with you," university provost Tim Marshall wrote in a statement.
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NARAL Pro-Choice America

"@NARAL will be participating in 'A Day Without Women' on March 8th. Office will be closed," the pro-choice group's president Ilyse Hogue wrote on Twitter.
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Numerous restaurants across the country are closing in solidarity with women. In Washington, D.C., Pizzeria Paradiso owner Ruth Gresser is offering paid leave to all female employees at its four restaurants.
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