28 Perfect Looks To Copy This February

For most, February is likely the coldest month of the year. Luckily, it's also the shortest. And while most days (i.e. the moments your alarm goes off and it's still dark outside) you're thinking of comfort and warmth over style, there's no reason you actually can't do both. With puffer coats, track pants, and other practical pieces currently trending in the style-sphere, it's easier than ever to dress according to the weather — and without having to compromise your aesthetic.

If you're sick of your old jeans-and-a-turtleneck repertoire, look to the 28 outfits ahead (one for every day of the month) to help inspire some new combinations. The end of winter may not yet be in sight, but the end of your cold weather style rut definitely is. Click on to see how it's done.

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Cardigans don't necessarily need to be worn all buttoned-up. Try wearing it as a shirt half-open, rather than a top layer.
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Yes, this is a hoodie layered over a dress layered under a trench coat. And we're going to admit: It looks pretty damn cool.
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That gingham dress that's been sitting in the back of your closet since August? Make it work for colder temperatures by styling it with a turtleneck. And why not break out that basket bag while you're at it?
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Fishnets are it, especially when paired with sneakers.
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We've been saying this for months now, but if you haven't scored a patent leather jacket yet, you should. It's a new investment piece.
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You may have considered a longline coat, but have you considered a longline vest?
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Two sweaters are better than one, especially when they have contrasting necklines.
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When it comes to winter days, the fluffier the coat, the better.
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Breton stripes will never steer you wrong. Add some dimension to a classic striped-tee-and-jeans combination by wearing another long-sleeve striped top as a scarf. (If you need a tutorial, we've got you).
Photo via @gabrielapelletier.
Consider this outfit yet another case for the comeback of the beret.
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Three words: Technicolor. Faux. Fur. Can we get a resounding "hell yes?"
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These days, every piece of clothing seems to have ruffles. If you're not totally into the trend, try easing into it with something more subtle, like a simple knit with decorative sleeves.
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The metallic skirt is the must-have piece of the season. All you need to know if how much you should actually spend on the trend.
Photo via @itsmekellieb.
That whole dress-over-pants thing is still going strong. We love how this slouchy gray number looks with a pair of jeans.
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Leggings! As pants! If you're tired of your favorite black pair, swap them out for something colorful or patterned (or both!).
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Thank you, fashion world, for making sweatpants totally appropriate to wear outside the house. We are forever grateful.
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If you find your extra-long sleeves to be, well, a little too extra, try giving it more dimension by cinching it with a bangle.
Photo via @manrepeller.
We're loving the multiple pops of velvet here, but what we're loving more is the reminder that black tights really do go with everything.
Photo via @maria_bernad.
Or, if you're so over black tights, channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a colored pair.
Photo via @millakuoksa.
Make a tulle skirt feel less ballerina-like by styling it with an oversized hoodie, a beanie, and leather boots.
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Overalls are back, y'all. Why not give 'em a try?
Photo via @oliviafayesmith.
Plaid pants aren't something we typically think of buying, but this outfit has us sold.
Photo via @pantouflard_.
This little detail makes all the difference. Can you spot it?
Photo via @patylicious_diary.
We're getting serious Kendall Jenner vibes from this outfit, and we're all about it.
Photo via @shionat.
Here's proof you can wear a crop top in the dead of winter. Just be sure to balance it out with a furry topper.
Photo via @sorayabakhtiar.
Say "yes" to this bold new denim style.
Photo via @trineswardrobe.
Layer a band tee over a long-sleeved dress for an outfit combination that feels totally unexpected.
Photo via @zhuzhulifenotes.
We haven't seen a coat worn like this before, but we're definitely into it.
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