These Steamy Sex Games Will Make For Very Playful Nights

There are plenty of ways to shake up your sex life, whether it's by trying out a new sex toy or consulting the Kama Sutra. But what if you're in an especially playful mood? That's where sex games come in. You're probably familiar with some of them — sexy truth or dare, dirty dice — but have you ever given a sensory-play card game or a role-playing app a whirl?

Whether you're looking to try something new with a long-term S.O. or getting adventurous with a new partner, sex games can be just the thing you need for inspiration. Just dim the lights, turn off your phones (or keep them on if you're using a sexy app), and see how things start to heat up.

If you end up in bed before you finish the game, don't worry. In that case, everyone's a winner.

Click through to browse some of the steamiest sex games available.

With cards offering foreplay, position, and item ideas, this game has all your bases covered for a very special night in.
Little Genie The Original Board Game for Lovers, $39.99 $24.99, Buy
Like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" game, but much sexier.
Lovehoney Choose Your Pleasure Sex Game, $12.99 Buy
One die suggests a position. The other suggests the room you should try it in. Let's hear it for dining room sex.
Pipedream Products Paradice, $6.95 Buy
This kinky spin on regular sexy scratch cards boasts over 100 games to discover.
Pleasure Chest Kinky Sex Scratchers, $9.94 Buy
This bondage kit and card game is the perfect gateway to upping your role-playing game.
Kheper Games Bondage Seductions Game, $22.95 Buy
With three steamy activities on each card, this is basically the sexiest version of Choose Your Own Adventure, ever.
Trystology Lover's Choice Game, $11.00 Buy
Swap secrets and steamy fantasies as you and your partner play around this heart-shaped board.
Lovehoney Love or Lust Sexy Board Game, $9.00 Buy
This bondage kit will keep you and your partner busy for 50 days.
Adam and Eve Fifty Days Of Play Bondage Kit, $29.95 Buy
Possibly the most educational game featured here, this trivia game is loaded with sex facts — and plenty of hot new ideas.
Kheper Games Hump Game, $7.95 Buy
This creative game comes with all the props you need for a steamy night in, from a blindfold to a cock ring to a bullet vibe.
Kheper Games Sex Toy Seductions Game, $24.95 Buy
This position-studded spinner is perfect for those who like to leave it all up to chance.
Pleasure Chest Hot Sex Spinner, $6.95 Buy
This card game, boasting 100 prompts, is sure to keep you and your partner busy.
Pleasure Chest Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion, $16.95 Buy
Even the most tongue-tied lover will pick up some pointers from these dirty-talk playing cards.
Lovehoney Talk Dirty Playing Cards, $8.99 Buy
This game's rock 'n' roll theme will make all your groupie fantasies come true.
Adam and Eve Bedroom Rockstar Game, $19.95 Buy
This book of coupons will keep you busy all year long, whether you're demanding or offering sultry favors to your partner.
The Pleasure Chest A Year of Kama Sutra Coupons, $9.95 Buy
Break out this deck of sexy commands the next time you feel like taking charge in bed.
Lovehoney Bedroom Commands Sex Game Cards, $9.99 Buy
Slip one of these teasing notes under your lover's pillow — or, for an old-fashioned touch, send it to their office through the mail.
Little Genie My Love Mailbox, $24.95 Buy
With prompts like "tickle," "whip," and "punish," this set of dirty dice caters to the kinky.
Ball & Chain Fetish Play Dice, $5.95 Buy
This erotic massage game will change how you touch your lover's body.
California Exotic Novelties Touch Me Game, $9.95 $9.95, Buy
All but two of these sexy checks come pre-filled with steamy activities, such as "a sensual massage." When it comes time to fill out the blank checks, let your fantasies run wild.
Lovehoney Oh! XOXO Sex Checks (26 Pack), $6.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Give these dirty dice a roll to find out exactly how — and where — to kiss, blow, and lick your partner.
Pipedream Products Oral Sex Dice: Lick Suck Blow Kiss, $6.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
With 20 romance cards, 20 sensuality cards, 20 body language cards, and 20 love-making cards, this game boasts 30,000 possible outcomes.
Kheper Games Lust! The Passionate Game For Two, $19.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Each of the four panels on these scratch cards reveal an important detail for the fun you're about to have: The "Action" panel tells you what to do, the "Location" panel suggests a room, the "Time" panel names a minimum duration, and the "Bonus" panel offers a way to heat things up even more.
Lovehoney Oh! Lucky You Scratch Cards, $6.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
With 52 games in one box, this game set is as thorough as it gets.
Kheper Games A Year Of Creative Games For Lovers, $24.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
This set of truth or dare cards comes from sexpert Susie Bright, and depending which card you draw, it can kick off an exciting (and horizon-expanding) conversation between you and your partner, or maybe even ignite an entire night of passion.
Susie Bright I Dare You, $14.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
Whip this deck of cards out when you want some variety — and a bit of a challenge. Whether you consider yourself an "expert" or not, these near-acrobatic positions will be a delight to perfect.
Nerve Position of the Day Expert Playing Cards, $7.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Strip poker is plenty fun, but if you're looking for something a little different, give strip blackjack a try. Each card comes with a "foreplay" and "strip" suggestion, so it's up to you how fast or slow you undress.
Lovehoney Strip Bedroom Blackjack Sex Card Game, $6.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
With fantasy cards that start with "What if he" or "What if we," this game allows couples to explore new things in a low-stakes, fun setting. The best part? The set comes with six blank cards so you can add your own fantasies to the deck.
Little Genie Spice It Up Couples Game, $17.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
With this steamy calendar, every day is an opportunity for a new bedroom adventure for you and your partner. Of course, if you'd rather spend the month focusing on yourself, may we suggest our 30-day masturbation challenge?
Adam and Eve A Month Of Sex, $12.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
This adults-only twist on Connect Four has players challenging each other to different foreplay activities, all while trying to get four pieces in a row.
Lovehoney Foreplay in a Row, $19.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
You and your partner tease and tempt each other around the board until one of you wins the grand prize, which is — you guessed it — oral sex.
Adam and Eve Oral Sex Game, $12.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Trystology.
This set boasts — count 'em — 105 exciting and "moody" seduction suggestion cards. This is one game that will keep you busy.
Trystology In The Mood For Love Game, $14.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Thinking about exploring your kinkier side? This deck of position cards will show you how to add a little bondage to your normal routine. Get ready for a wild learning experience.
Lovehoney 50 Positions of Bondage Cards, $6.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
This set of "sexploration" vouchers can either be "raunchy" or "romantic," so whether you're interested in cuddling the night away or heating things up, there's something in the deck for you.
Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers 52 Weeks of Adventures, $7.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
Instead of betting money in this game of poker, you're wagering erotic favors that you'll do for your partner or receive from them. If you ask us, it's a win-win either way.
Adam and Eve Poker For Lovers, $22.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Trystology.
This set of dirty dice is actually customizable. Take your pick of stickers to add to the three cubes for a one-of-a-kind gambling experience.
Bijoux Indiscrets Les Petits Bonbons - Lucky Love Dice, $10.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
Gift your partner a couple of Bedroom Bucks the next time you're in a giving mood. These coupons entitle the holder to a sensual massage, oral sex, and more.
Adam and Eve Bedroom Bucks Coupons, $6.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
This best-selling game has you exploring your partner's body in a variety of ways, with varying levels of intensity. Draw "Mm" cards to get warmed up, "Ooh" cards to try out role-playing scenarios, and "Aah" cards to end the game with a bang.
Nookii Nookii: The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers, $24.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
On paper, the object of this game is to get to 50 points before your opponent. Really though, your goal is to tease your opponent with restraints, sensory play, and more. And it comes with all the props you'll need.
Adam and Eve Fifty Ways To Tease Your Lover Game, $19.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
Nothing like a straightforward pair of sexy dice — one has body parts, the other has actions, and it's up to you to connect the dots.
Babeland Dirty Dice, $7.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of iTunes.
Feeling adventurous? The 69 Places app helps you brainstorm new locations (and events) where you can have sex. You can even check off your accomplishments.
Photo: Courtesy of Trystology.
This game gets physical from the get-go: Place color-coded stickers on your partner's body, roll the dice, and place your hands on the colors you roll.
Trystology Ruff Doggie Styles Hands On Body Twister, $15.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
This set of cards is a major source of inspiration, and each idea is framed as a vow or promise ("I vow to perform oral sex on you while you are standing"), in case you have a flair for the dramatic.
Lovehoney Bedroom Vows 72 Activity Cards, $8.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.
Think of this card game as a truth-or-dare starter kit, minus the "truth" part. Simply draw a card and do what it says, like "Kiss the player others will be the most surprised to see you kiss." Did we mention this game is great for groups?
Lets Fool Around Card Game, $9.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
This jar of different sex position ideas will look great on any bedside table.
Craftformers Kama Sutra Jar, $7.52 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
You can play all 50 I.O.U. cards at once, or draw the game out for days, swapping cards with your partner and performing the naughty acts as a surprise.
Lovehoney Fetish IOU Cards (50 Pack), $7.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of KINDU.
The KINDU app is essentially a role-play idea generator, and it places you and your partner in a choose-your-own-adventure-style scenario where you can you select the exact fantasy you'd like to play out.
Photo: Courtesy of Good Vibrations.
Use these question cards as flirty ice-breakers at a party or as a way to get to know your partner more intimately.
Good Vibrations 100 Questions About Sex Game, $14.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
This game is just the thing you need to take things slow. The massage oil candle quickly melts into a sensual lotion, and the seduction cards tell you how to use it.
Adam and Eve Massage Seductions Game, $22.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of iTunes.
Download this "hot truth or dare" app and have the largest collection of dirty truth and dare prompts at your finger tips.
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
What you and your partner do to each other depends on where you land on the board. Can you guess what you get to do when you reach the final square?
Adam and Eve Let's F*ck XXX Sex Game, $12.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.
This is about as straightforward as it gets: Each card has an article of clothing printed on it. Every time you draw a card, your partner must remove the corresponding piece of clothing.
The Pleasure Chest Naked! Strip Poker Game, $7.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Live out your wildest affair fantasies with your partner in this intense role-playing board game.
Lovehoney Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game, $32.99 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Trystology.
These cards are basically dirty Mad Libs: Fill in the blanks in these sex scenarios to make them steamier or sillier.
Trystology Sexplicit Game, $14.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
With dice, cards, and props, this game will keep things hot for hours.
Adam and Eve Kinky Bondage Game Set, $24.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.
This role-playing game hits all the classics, with scenarios featuring "cops and robbers" and "doctors and nurses."
The Pleasure Chest Let's Play Doctor, $19.95 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of iTunes.
With a simple slot-machine interface, the Pleasure Machine app is guaranteed to kickstart your evening, whether you're feeling romantic, playful, or wild.
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