The Best Celebrity Instagrams & Photos From The Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are finally underway. After months of worrying about Zika, Brazil's water quality, and a host of other issues, the world's best athletes have converged in Rio. It's still reportedly a mess: the Olympic village is unfinished, the water is still unsafe for swimming, and there isn't even coffee. Yet, athletes are overlooking these issues to put on the best showing for their countries.

They're competing for their native country's respect and those medals.

While the Olympics are all about sports, some celebrities, many of whom happen to be athletes, are also partaking in the fun. Serena Williams, Gisele Bündchen, Michael Phelps, and a legion of other celebs presented, carried the Olympic torch, or held their country's flag during the opening ceremony and events leading up to the big show.

Many of them are sharing the beauty of the Olympics on Instagram. Here are some of the most stunning celebrity photos.

Correction: A previous version of this story misidentified a caption as Spanish. It was, in fact, Portuguese.

Photo via @venuswilliams.
Venus Williams, U.S. Tennis Player

Williams is the No. 6 ranked tennis player in the world, so of course, she's representing America at the Olympics. "Good morning red, white and blue sky's [sic] of #rio #olympics," she wrote on Instagram.
Photo via @serenawilliams.
Serena Williams, U.S. Tennis Player

Williams and her fellow Team USA players are wearing America's colors. She's already a gold medalist and is looking to add to her total this summer.
Photo via @camillabelle.
Camilla Belle, American Actor

Belle's gorgeous shot of the fireworks captures the beauty of the event. Best of all, Brazil is her mother's native country, so this summer Olympics has special meaning for her.

"I still can't believe I was at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in Rio with my Mom...celebrating together in her home country," she wrote on Instagram. "A moment I will never forget."
Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images.
Gisele Bündchen, Brazilian Model

Now, that is a dress. Bündchen is a showstopper in her native country, walking through the opening ceremony in a glowing gold gown.

"It was very exciting to be part of this special moment. Everyone involved worked with dedication and passion to create a show that gave the world a glimpse of our history and Brazil's essence," she wrote on Instagram. "It was beautifully presented. Our Brazilian community is hard-working, cheerful, and welcoming. I believe that we showed the world the beauty of our diversity."
Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images.
Alessandro Ambrosio, Brazilian Model

The native Brazilian carried the Olympic torch, an honor for any person given the chance. She said as much in an Instagram post.

"Today it was an honor to carry the Olympic torch!!!" she wrote. "I'm so proud and grateful to be Brazilian and to represent my country !!!! What an Epic moment for me..."
Photo via @rafaelnadal.
Rafael Nadal, Spanish Tennis Player

"Proud to represent #Spain in #Rio2016!!" he wrote on Instagram.
Photo:Via @klaythompson.
Klay Thompson, U.S. Basketball Player

The Golden State Warriors player is grateful to represent America at the Olympics. "Beyond grateful what a night @olympics," he wrote on Instagram.
Photo Via @marinaruybarbosa.
Marina Ruy Barbosa, Brazilian Actor

The 21-year-old kept it simple in a shirt with the colors of her country's flag. She's clearly rooting for her fellow Brazilians.
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