These Stars Were The BEST Bridesmaids & Bridesmen

Sure, you've read all about the best celebrity weddings. And there's always coverage of the best celebrity wedding dresses. But where's the praise for celebrity bridesmaids?

Yes, celebs are just like us. They Netflix and chill, they eat tacos, and sometimes they have to put on a bridesmaid dress. After all, you don't have to be famous to have a famous best friend. And it's an honor for anyone — celebs included — to be a part of their BFF or family member's nuptials. Right now, somewhere in the world, chances are, a star is planning someone else's bachelorette party. Maybe she's even holding bouquets or carrying the bride's train.

A-listers are used to being the center of attention, but when they agree to be a bridesmaid, they're promising to let the bride shine. From Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence, we've rounded up some of the best celebrity bridesmaids, ever. Click ahead to see how they helped their loved ones celebrate their big day.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams stood by her sister Serena's side at her epic Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. The wedding favors? Recreations of Serena's Grand Slam trophies, of course. Before the main event, they celebrated with a bachelorette party in NYC that included dinner, dancing, spa treatments, and even a trapeze class.
Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst traveled to Rome to be a bridesmaid for Cindy McGee, her best friend from childhood. The reception took place at the Villa Aurelia, an event venue surrounded by gardens. She wore a soft-pink dress that grazed the floor, with her hair in subtle waves.
Photo: Splash News.
Taylor Swift

Amid releasing a much-buzzed-about new album and video, Swift found time to be the maid of honor for her best friend Abigail Anderson, who got married during Labor Day weekend 2017 to photographer Matt Lucier. She expertly matched her burgundy bridesmaid dress to her lips, and apparently made a hilarious, raunchy speech.
Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth

The former Laguna Beach and The Hills stars were bridesmaids in their friend Cassandra Herschenfeld's wedding to Ben Katz in Ojai, CA, appropriately hashtagged #twokatzarebetterthanone. Fellow Laguna Beach castmember Christina Sinclair was also an attendant. Herschenfeld actually planned Conrad's predictably dreamy wedding in 2014, but for her own wedding she enlisted celeb planner Mindy Weiss.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

No matchy-matchy dresses for these boho 'maids. The Olsen twins were two of 18 (!) bridesmaids in their friend Cassie Coane's wedding in upstate New York. The aesthetic was, perhaps not coincidentally, very Olsen-twins-circa-2008.
Photo: Via @ryanseacrest.
Ryan Seacrest
On Meredith Seacrest's big day, her older brother Ryan fell flawlessly into the role of "man of honor." Though we don't hear this title quite as often, his duties seemed to be similar to those of a bridesmaid. On Instagram, Seacrest explained one of his jobs was being in charge of the wedding gown.
Photo: Josh Brasted/WireImage.
Can you imagine having Queen Bey as your bridesmaid? Well, she's done it time and time again. Most notably for Kelly Rowland's wedding in 2014, her sister Solange's wedding in 2014, and her mom Tina Knowles' wedding in 2015. Yes, she's a busy Bey. Yes, she's fabulous. Yes, she wore white. Because, yes, she's Beyoncé.
Photo: Courtesy of Heather Kincaid.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Again)
When stylist Molly Fishkin said "I do," the Olsen twins were by her side. They designed her beautiful gown and participated in one of the most chic bridal parties of all time. How chic? There wasn't a single bridesmaids' dress at this wedding. Everyone did their own thing. For the Olsens, that meant long caftans with beaded bodices.
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart.
Jennifer Lawrence
If you're looking for Jennifer Lawrence in this photo, she's the one on the far right. The Oscar-winning actress' new sister-in-law is center stage for this beautiful Martha Stewart Weddings issue. The groom was Jennifer Lawrence's brother Blaine. The magazine shared photos of the event, dubbing it "A Rainy, Intimate Farm Wedding In Kentucky." The best part? How happy JLawr looks to see her brother and his new wife so happy, too!
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts was one of 10 bridesmaids in her best friend's wedding back in November 2015. She shared two photos from the wedding day on her Instagram, one with a caption that read, "What a heaven weekend celebrating my love @kakeykake and @nickwalkerphoto. Couldn't be happier for them." And, like a true bridesmaid, she used the couple's wedding hashtag: #nickpluskara.
Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP supported her former Sex and the City assistant, Melinda Relyea, when she tied the knot in 2014. The actress shared tons of photos leading up to the ceremony on Instagram, including a beautiful shot of the bride and groom. Two images hinted at her bridesmaid duties: one of a lovely monogrammed handkerchief, and another of her bouquet and Champagne glass.
Lauren Conrad (Again)
When Lauren Conrad is your bridesmaid, expect snapshots that look Pinterest-ready. Conrad was part of the bridal party for Paper Crown partner Maura McManus' wedding. The wedding also served as a mini Laguna Beach reunion, since Lo Bosworth was also a bridesmaid.
Lena Dunham
Girls creator Lena Dunham doesn't just play a bridesmaid on TV. She was there for her best friend's wedding in June 2014. She posted several Instagram photos from the day, and tweeted, "Getting ready for my best friend's wedding. Potent, emotional, feel someone should make a movie about it. Called 'Wedding Of My Best Friend.'"
The Kardashians
Yes, it was Kim's third wedding. Yes, it was insane (and possibly included Jaden Smith dressed as Batman). Yes, Kanye West was a groomzilla. But you have to admit that the bridesmaids looked good! All of Kim Kardashian's sisters served as bridesmaids in her 2014 nuptials to West in Florence, Italy. The best dressed? Little North, who basically wore a baby wedding gown.
Rihanna served as a bridesmaid at assistant Jennifer Morales' very memorable 4/20 nuptials in Hawaii. The singer wore a hot pink satin bridesmaids' robe with her name stitched on the back, because she's Rihanna, and she can. Then, she changed into a lilac gown (with purple lipstick) for the ceremony. She posted tons of photos on Instagram in celebration of her BFF's big day. And as always, she nailed it.
Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
Cara Delevingne
Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne was maid of honor at her sister Poppy's 2014 wedding. Just like the bride, she wore a white Chanel gown. Delevingne was one of 17 bridesmaids — including the Delevingnes' other sister, Chloe.
Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
Keira Knightley
When Keira Knightley's brother Caleb tied the knot in 2011, his sister played bridesmaid. The bride wore a '50s-inspired, long-sleeved dress, while the bridesmaids all wore purple gowns with a deep V-necks and little bows at the shoulders. The best part? Some of the guests wore kilts to celebrate their Scottish heritage.
Photo: Fameflynet.
Taylor Swift (Again)
Taylor Swift took a break from her celebrity squad to be maid of honor in her best friend Britany Maack's wedding. She shared photos from the big day on Instagram, including one of the entire bridal party with a caption that read, "I met her when I was 10 days old, and him in kindergarten. Now they're married and I'm the happiest maid of honor ever. Congratulations @britmaack and Ben!"
Photo: Fameflynet.
Rachel McAdams
We've seen Rachel McAdams play a bridesmaid in Wedding Crashers. But it was the real deal at her sister's wedding in May 2015. McAdams was so touched by the ceremony that several outlets reported that the actress cried tears of joy.
Photo: Fameflynet.
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga's been a bridesmaid to a few friends. In 2015, Gaga celebrated a friend's wedding in New Orleans. She wrote in an Instagram post, "Watching your best friend get married, these are the specialist times in my life. Seeing happiness in the lives of all my friends." Well said.
Photo: Fameflynet.
Kate Bosworth
Way back in 2008, the Blue Crush star was a bridesmaid for her friend Jacqui Louez's wedding in Sydney, Australia. All the bridesmaids wore simple black gowns, and carried white roses. Louez was Kate Bosworth's assistant. The two met while filming Superman Returns.
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