8 Things You Need to Know This AM — Sep 18 2014

DeBeers announced that diamonds are going to become even MORE expensive as the gems become more rare. Synthetic diamonds may be the solution to the shortage. Looking to buy a ring? We've found a few you might like — diamond not required.
Will Scotland declare independence from Great Britain today? One Scot explains why she's compelled to vote yes.
Did you get your invite for the Celebration of Design event Michelle Obama is hosting at the White House? Anyone who's anyone in fashion will be there on October 8.
The National Book Award longlist for non-fiction was announced on Wednesday, but why is there only one female author on there? Looking for a good book? Check out the the Refinery29 book club for a few suggestions.
Your daily fitness tip: This simple, feel-good stretch will help loosen tight hip flexors after a long day of sitting.
Don't waste your time scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch. These 15 hacks will upgrade your viewing experience.
The McArthur Genius Grant winners were announced, and among the 21 men and women to receive the award was one of our favorite comic-book artists — and the creator of the Bechdel Test — Alison Bechdel.
Finally, New York Fashion Week will be saying farewell to Lincoln Center this spring. The September 2015 shows will be held at a different, yet to be determined, location. (The Hollywood Reporter)
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