These Are The Best Days To Get A Tattoo

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Nobody has to know you buy your entire family's birthday gifts on Black Friday, won't book a flight unless it's a Tuesday, and save your bi-annual Sephora shopping trips for April and November. But if you like flash sales (and, hi, who wouldn't?) as well as tattoos — there are a few more dates worth adding to your iCal.
From Friday the 13th to Mother's Day, click ahead to find out when you can expect the best discounts on select designs throughout the year. There are typically restrictions by way of "flash sheets" (meaning, you might not get that Ryan Gosling ink you've been wanting), but maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.
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Friday the 13th

Have a penchant for all things creepy? Can't pass up a good deal? In the tattoo world, that makes Friday the 13th the opposite of your unlucky day: Tattoo parlors across the country will offer $13 (plus a customary $7 tip) flash sales on small designs. Most are limited to skulls and witches or the number "13," but at this price, you've gotta admit: That's scary good.
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April 20

Pizza! French fries! Various pipes! For 4/20 enthusiasts, the marvel of this day doesn't stop at the munchies — there are also countless deals for on-theme tattoos. Prices vary depending on the shop, but the average rings in at $40. Dope.
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Mother's Day

Why buy flowers when you can show your appreciation via a permanent mom tattoo? Most sales run through the weekend, just in case you want to get inked on Friday so there's enough time for it to heal by Sunday.
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National Tattoo Day

July 17 marks the best made-up holiday — for those looking to catch a deal on ink, anyway. Plenty of places give away prizes (including food) when you show off your tat. And you might find a few studios that offer 10% off any design that day.
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First Week of September

Between Labor Day sales and back-to-school specials, this month is ripe with opportunity for saving on tattoos. Flash sheet designs vary by shop, as do prices, but you can expect to save a few bucks of your hard-earned money.
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October 31

For the Halloween fans who anxiously await the day it is socially acceptable to wear a Freddy Kruger mask all night, this one's for you: Hundreds of parlors across the country offer flash sheets of All Hollow's Eve-themed tattoos for just $31 a pop.
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Black Friday

When you want to avoid the crowds of people at Walmart fighting for the last $100 flat-screen TV, but still want in on good deal, many tattoo shops offer designs as low as $10 on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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February 14

Relationship status aside, here's one thing anybody can love about Valentine's Day: dirt-cheap tattoos. Yes, you'll find a lot of hearts, flowers, and cupid's arrow designs on these flash sheets, but the fact that they come in at 25% off certainly sweetens the deal.
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Your Birthday

Like Sephora or Starbucks, plenty of tattoo shops offer some kind of discount — which can range anywhere from 10% to 50% off designs — on your special day. (So long as the final cost of the ink doesn't dip below the parlor's minimum.)

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