The Good, The Bad, & The Gross Of Beauty-Themed April Fool's Jokes

Ever since KFC (completely seriously) launched sunscreen last summer, we've been forced to second-guess our instincts and question whether certain novelty products popping up on our feed are real or not. We like to think we've honed our bullshit detector, and in advance of April Fool's Day yesterday, we felt prepped and ready to navigate our way through the pranks. As expected, a lot turned up — some were bad, some were good, and most were downright ridiculous.
From street-food flavored toothpaste to celebrity hair fake-outs, we rounded up every single joke that had us tagging our friends, rolling our eyes, or doing both at the same time. Click ahead to check out the best and worst of beauty-themed April Fool's pranks to hit social media this year.
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Fresh cut for spring! ✂️🌸

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Haircut pranks were big this holiday, but this pixie from the founder of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily Schuman, was our favorite. The blogger pretended she'd ditched her Cali-girl waves with a short wig and made the whole thing even more realistic by shooting herself at a salon on her Story. Some commenters praised her new look, but most prayed it wasn't real.
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Even if you don't subscribe to the Bleacher Report, or have any interest in fantasy sports, you probably recognize Anthony Davis, forward for the New Orleans Pelicans, for his famous unibrow. For the holiday, Davis decided to tease his 1.45 million Twitter followers by saying that by the end of Sunday evening, it would be gone for good — and he even added a fake video to prove his point. Luckily, the 25-year-old followed up with a second video assuring everyone that the monobrow is here to stay.
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"WE CHANGED OUR NAME!!," wrote skin-care brand Dermalogica on Instagram. "Since our company was founded 30 years ago, people have been pronouncing 'Dermalogica' 'Dermatologica.' Instead of fighting it, we're embracing it." And the brand isn't wrong. On more than one occasion, it's been easy to slip up this pronunciation just by habit. Still, we wouldn't exactly call this one LOL-worthy.
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Hidden Valley — you know, the salad dressing brand — tried to re-emerge as the next MAC Cosmetics (seriously, the packaging is uncanny.) Several photos of the brand's new — and fake — makeup collection popped up all over Instagram on Sunday morning alongside this caption: "We’re excited to debut Valley Girl, our new Hidden Valley Ranch inspired beauty line. Shine like a freshly baked chicken breast in our Valley Girl Glow Up highlighter, and be anything but basic in our Bae-con eyeshadow." Does it make any sense? No. But points for effort.
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Out of every joke, this is probably the most believable of 'em all. Jen Atkin is the trusted hairstylist to almost every Kardashian and Jenner family member, which means she's seen a fair share of the famous family go platinum once or twice, like Kim, Kris, and Kylie. When she captioned her weekend Instagram post, "Let’s see who really has more fun...thx @ckaedingcolor!! Head to @maneaddicts for the whole scoop on why i took the plunge!" we were positive she was telling the truth. Alas, Atkin revealed she still has her signature brunette bob, but who's to say this won't happen sometime soon?
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English Spring Spaniels, if you aren't aware, have the best hair color. Like, the kind of color you photograph to show your colorist because no human celebrity can beat it. Glamsquad hears you; Glamsquad understands you. So, for April Fool's, the at-home styling and makeup service offered to help match your newest hairstyle to your pup's in partnership with Wag dog-walking service. Sure, it was a prank, but the dogs in the lookbook still have the best perms we've ever seen.
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In the market for a new smart-home assistant? Foreo is here to convince you that you don't need a Google Home. Instead, you need the brand's new — and very unreal — ISSALEXA. But this device won't forecast the weather or play Spotify; it'll assess your emotional range, like a mood ring from the future, to let you know if those upcoming social plans seem feasible for your fragile state of being. According to the faux press release, ISSALEXA can gauge cortisol levels in your saliva and let you know it's time to keep your chin up and open another bottle of wine.
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Instead of teasing yet another eyeshadow palette, Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, took to her brand's Instagram to post a video revealing a new body product. Inspired by the sensation of getting caught in a sandstorm, Kattan proposed an intense body scrub made entirely of sand. But Frank's Coffee Scrub can let out a sigh of relief, because the brand immediately confirmed this gritty exfoliator that, truth be told, sounds like a nightmare, won't hit shelves any time soon.