Target's New Beauty Launches Will Make Spring Cleaning That Much Easier

It sounds like a cliché — well, probably because it is — but as winter starts to slowly give way to the first brisk, breezy days of March, we're automatically ready to snap into action to spring clean everything from our lives. For some, that might mean finally kicking those toxic relationships to the curb, or finding a new job that doesn't make you want to open your Headspace app more than twice a day. For us, it means revamping our vanities and makeup bags as if Marie Kondo herself were watching over us, as we ask ourselves if all 50 of our red lipsticks really do spark joy.
But here's the thing: We're not exactly Rockefellers, and we're guessing that, after all those rollover vacation days, you might not be rolling in it right now either. So how can you make your daily regimen suitable for a fresh new season without stretching your budget beyond capacity? First, go to Target. (Second, go to Target again, because you definitely walked out without anything on your original list.) Then head home and relish in your haul of affordable new launches and everyday essentials.
And better still, we heard that Target is preparing to roll out some brand-new beauty products you've never seen before, including some major natural, earth-friendly innovations from brands you already love (like Captain Blankenship) and others you're about to fall in love with for the very first time. Ahead, the best spring 2018 beauty launches coming to Target between now and March. Put 'em on your shopping list... and don't forget what you're there for the second you step into the vast home-goods aisle.

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