If Anything Can Make Us Swoon On Valentine's Day, It's These Limited Edition Sweets

Valentine's Day is polarizing. The holiday honoring romance is either celebrated with passion, or avoided like it's the plague (subject to change due to S.O. status). But regardless of how we feel about February 14 in particular, there's one thing we can rally around: limited edition treats.
Candy companies have a few major moments throughout each calendar year: Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day. When these holidays roll around the metaphorical sugar gates open and specially-flavored sweets come pouring out to the candy-hungry public. With Valentine's Day coming up next, it won't be long until we find ourselves awash in that sea of pink, red, and white packaging. So, in order to make sure we stay afloat during this saccharine season (especially if we're currently un-cuffed), we've rounded up and mapped out the best new limited edition V-Day treats that 2018 has to offer.
Click on to take note of the good goods that actually have us looking forward to the cold, dark, lovey-dovey month ahead.
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Swedish Fish Hearts
Our favorite gummy fish, only packaged in sweet V-Day form.

Available at Target.
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Dylan’s Candy Bar Love At First Bite Candy Mix
Have it all in a handful this V-Day with Dylan's assortment of cinnamon-flavored, gummy and hard candy, bears and hearts.

Available at Target.
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Theo My Cherry Baby
Theo's cherry-infused milk chocolate bar is tangy-sweet for all the broken-hearted hopefuls out there.

Available at Theo Chocolate.
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Peeps Vanilla Crème Marshmallow Hearts
These heart-shaped, creamy Peeps are sprinkled with red glitter for a little extra romantic oomph.

Available at Target.
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Godiva Cake & Cookie Inspired Chocolates
Who said you can't have your cake and cookies and chocolate, AND eat it too?

Available at Target.
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Sugarfina X Gray Malin Candy Bento Box
Sugarfina's newest collab with artist Gray Malin is pastel perfection with pink flamingo, super sour hearts, and champagne bear gummies — so, gift it to yourself (or a special someone) on February 14.

Available at Sugarfina.
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Dove Milk Chocolate & Caramel Love Notes
Dove's creamy caramel and smooth milk chocolates are not only heart-shaped, but they also spell "love" notes for all you hopeless romantics.

Available at Target.
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Reese’s Pink Peanut Butter Hearts
Still a classic Reese's, only coated in pink creme and heart-shaped for V-Day feels.

Available at Target.
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Ghirardelli Valentine’s White Chocolate Crème Brulee
Ghirardelli's newest squares taste like our favorite romantic dinner dessert.

Available at Target.
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Hershey’s Cupcake Kisses
White chocolate kisses speckled with pops of pink equals sweet V-day candy perfection.

Available at Target.
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Dylan’s Candy Bar Strawberry Lollipops With Popping Candy
These heart-shaped, strawberry, and cherry flavored lollys pack a pop rock punch.

Available at Target.
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Lindt Lindor Red Velvet White Chocolate Truffles
And we thought a red velvet choco bar had reinvented the cake-candy mashup wheel.

Available at Target.
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Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts Valentine’s Exchange
Spread the love with personal sized pouches of these heart-shaped Ranchers in cherry, strawberry, and watermelon flavors.

Available at Walmart.
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Theo Casanova Caramels
Currently Casanova-less? No problem — just pick up Theo's sensual collection of catuaba lemon verbena, lavender jalapeño, ginger rose, and honey saffron-flavored caramels.

Available at Theo.
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Dylan’s Candy Bar Heart Box With Assorted Candy
The only heart we're willing rip apart this Valentine's Day.

Available at Target.
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Skittles Love Mix
In need of some TLC? Just have a handful of Skittles' new cherry, strawberry, and watermelon-flavored Love Mix.

Available at Target.
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Dylan’s Candy Bar Hangry Fix Candy Mix
For any hangry, V-Day haters — let this bag of cola bottles, hamburger, and French fry gummies handle that situation.

Available at Target.
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Reese’s Peanut Butter Love Bugs
If you're not a pink creme-coated heart type of person, then opt for Reese's V-Day Love Bugs instead — which are doing just a little bit less.

Available at Target.
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