We're Down To Adult Egg Hunt For These 23 Limited Edition Easter Candies

This story was originally published on March 01, 2017.
Easter egg hunts, in theory, are cute little jaunts that take place in sweet springtime. Just delightful. But in reality? It always seemed to devolve into a shit show; the adults became inappropriately competitive, the kids would end up trampling each other during the mad dash for hidden treats, and crying would inevitably ensue. I also have a personal gripe because I never got the most coveted eggs with the Reese's in them — always the random assortment of jelly beans. So the idea of an adult Easter egg hunt sounds, in short, miserable.
The only thing that could maybe change my mind on this matter? An adult egg hunt stocked only with limited edition Easter candy. Strictly consisting of the sweets worth hunting for. So if you're interested in organizing such a game with me (or if you just want to take a trip to your local candy aisle), scroll on to check out the 23 sugary spoils worth fighting for.

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