10 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Hacks For Store-Bought Goods

If you've ever felt the sheer panic that ensues when your watch (in slow motion) as your perfectly cooked Thanksgiving dish falls to the floor, you know how important it is to have a plan B. For those of us who didn't exactly plan ahead this year, or want to be extra-prepared when something inevitably goes wrong, there's always a solution. So for all the last-minute holiday planners out there, it's inevitably time to take a deep breath and embrace the wise words of Ina Garten: store-bought will be just fine. And just because we may have to go the pre-made grocery route for tomorrow's holiday feast, for one reason or another, doesn't mean we still can't add in some extra festive flair to spruce things up.
Ahead we've not only lined up ten classic Thanksgiving products that you can easily pick up at your nearest grocery store, but we've also included the simple tips and tricks to make them taste homemade. From jazzing up store-bought pies, ready-to-bake rolls, canned cranberry sauces, bags of frozen green beans, to much more — plan B for tomorrow's Turkey Day may end up being even better than our plan A. Scroll on and take note of these ten last-minute, pre-made fixes that will still achieve a respectable degree of Thanksgiving success.

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