The Best 2017 Memes To Be For Halloween

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Memes are the language of the internet. Anything, from a one-of-a-kind smirk to a single clapback, can be caught by a discerning eye and disseminated across Twitter. Once it's viral, the meme can be contorted to fit about a million other situations. They're nuggets of internet culture, distilled.
Lately, the most popular memes have been making the leap from internet screens to wearable items. When you buy a "Nevertheless, she persisted" shirt, you prove that you're someone who keeps up Internet culture as much as you keep up with the news. In fact, you're probably someone who keeps up with the news in order to make memes.
Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show the world that you're not just an average person, bumbling through the day. You're a cool person. Seize the most recent pop culture trend while it's still relevant. Here are 2017's best memes you can actually be for Halloween
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The Meme: Salt Bae

Nusret Gâkçe's full time job may be butcher and entrepreneur, but after this video showing off his impressive slicing skills went viral, he'll always be Salt Bae to us.
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Salt Bae: The Costume

The outfit is simple: Circular sunglasses, a white t-shirt, and black pants. If you can, carry around a fake steak and salt.
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The Meme: Winona at the SAG Awards

As the cast and producers went onto the stage to collect their SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, Winona Ryder couldn't hide her delight. And her exuberance. And her surprise. Her face was a kaleidoscope of exaggerated emotion, and it was a delight.
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Winona at the SAG Awards: The Costume

First, try emulating Ryder's outfit β€” a black dress, and a heart pendant on a black ribbon. Wear your hair in a messy bun. Carry around a fake Oscars trophy (we know it was the SAG awards, but it's an approximation). Then, just look like you're letting the world filter through your face.
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The Meme: Distracted Boyfriend

Oh, the unimaginable joys random stock photos have brought to the internet. This photo's official title is, "Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl," and displays the instant before a massive relationship argument takes place.

The meme's usually used in the same way. The word "Me" is placed over the man, then a label for what the person wants (or is distracted by) is placed on the random stranger, and a label for what the person has is placed on the girlfriend.
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Distracted Boyfriend: The Costume

You'll need a group of three to pull off this amazingly easy costume. One person should wear a blue and white checkered shirt. Another, a salmon scoop-necked dress. Then, the person playing the horrified girlfriend should wear a baby blue dress (and a look of disgust). Walk in formation.
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The Meme: Obama On Vacation

In February 2017, only a few weeks after the inauguration, former President Barack Obama went on a much-needed vacation to the British Virgin Islands. He was pictured jet-skiing, and hanging off the back of Richard Branson's boat with an absolutely exuberant smile.

Unsurprisingly, this became an instant meme.
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Obama On Vacation: The Costume

If you happen to own any type of aquatic gear, it's pretty easy to be Barack Obama on vacation in the Virgin Islands. Grab a pair of sporty dad sunglasses. Wear this blue helmet. Finally, put on a swim vest, and you're all set.
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The Meme: Catch Him, Derry!

When a bat flew into Tadhg Fleming's house in Kerry, Ireland, he knew what he had to do. Rather than helping his dad catch the bat, Tadhg filmed his dad's feeble attempts to snatch the bat in a towel. The video, understandably, went viral.
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"Catch Him, Derry!:" The Costume

How to be Bat Dad? Is it the face of unbending determination? The slight resemblance to Sam Waterston? Don't worry if those genetically inherited traits are too much commitment for a single costume. Bat Dad is pretty simple.

First, get the outfit down. Pair brown knee socks with royal blue Adidas shorts, making sure you leave a swath of bare skin exposed. Then, wear a plain green sweater. Don't forget a blue beach towel.

Last but not least, the bat itself. Thread some string through a plush bat, and attach the long string to a pole or stick. You can also buy this pre-made. Have a friend walk in front of you, and wag the bat.
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The Meme: Pennywise The Clown & The Babadook Dating

Somehow, the Babadook monster of the terrifying Australian psychological horror film The Babadook became a queer icon. So naturally, since things had to get weirder, when It came out, Twitter decided that Pennywise the Clown and the Babadook were in a relationship.
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Pennywise & Babadook: The Costume

Really, we'd be babashook if anyone pulled this off. All it would take was two people really committed to dressing up as the Babadook and Pennywise, makeup and all, and then walking around holding hands.

For Babadook costume inspiration, check out writer Katie Dippold's viral tweet about the time she showed up in full Babadook makeup to a party, and no one else had dressed up. Her costume consisted of a men's pea coat, and a wig, hat, and face paint purchased from a Halloween store.

Funnily enough, Dippold said she had also considered dressing up as Pennywise. Pennywise is a slightly more elaborate DIY. If you're not going to purchase a costume, then wear a ruffled white shirt and white pants. Place three pom-poms in a row on your shirt, and one on the tip of each shoe. Here's a more old-school Pennywise wig. Paint your face with white face paint, and then wear red lipstick. Continue the lipstick line from the corners of your mouth up past your eyebrows.
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The Meme: Ivanka Trump's Neighbor Watching A Protest

On April 1, hundreds of LGBTQ protesters gathered around Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's home in Washington, D.C., to protest President Trump's executive orders that rolled back environmental regulations.

As protestors chanted, "Ivanka come dance!" one of Trump's neighbors, Diana Bruce, watched the protests from the building's staircase, wearing fur and holding a bottle of wine.

"It was the entertainment for Saturday night," Bruce told Time.
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Ivanka Trump's Neighbor Watching A Protest: The Costume

Get some fur β€”Β or, more likely, faux fur. Get a glass of wine. Most importantly, adopt a smirk that says, "Aren't the peons cute?"

If you want to truly embody Diana Bruce, you can emulate her short haircut.
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The Meme: Michelle Obama Responds To Melania Trump's Gift

On Inauguration Day, the Obamas greeted the Trumps outside of the White House. Melania Trump handed Michelle Obama a Tiffany box, and Obama's face appeared to be less than enthused.

Later, Obama said her expression was the result of her holding back emotion.

"I didn't want to have tears in my eyes because people would swear I was crying because of the new president," she said on Today.
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Michelle Obama Responds To Melania Trump's Gift: The Costume

You may not be able to nab the Jason Wu original, but the look can be recreated. Wear a oxblood red dress, like this, with a thin black belt. Pair it with rhinestone studs and, if you're brave, suede pumps.

As for the gift, you can actually buy an empty Tiffany & Co box in that signature blue right off eBay. Or, you can take a cardboard box, and paint it yourself.
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The Meme: Cash Me Ousside

By September 2016, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli and her mother's relationship became so impossibly toxic that they had to go on Dr. Phil to solve things. Bregoli shocked audiences with her stories of stealing cars and her irreverent attitude. When the audience laughs, she tells them, "Cash me ousside, how bah dah." Translation: Meet me out back. Her notoriety has somehow extended through 2017.
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Cash Me Ousside: The Costume

Aside from a wig, Bregoli's costume is fairly simple to recreate. First, find her unnaturally red, middle-part, sleek straight hair. Pair her signature black spaghetti strap tank with olive green jeans. Apply grey eye shadow up to your eyebrows. Wear bamboo hoops, and gold chain for a necklace. You can also wear long nails.
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