The Best 2017 Memes To Be For Halloween

Jack Brockway/Getty Images
Memes are the language of the internet. Anything, from a one-of-a-kind smirk to a single clapback, can be caught by a discerning eye and disseminated across Twitter. Once it's viral, the meme can be contorted to fit about a million other situations. They're nuggets of internet culture, distilled.
Lately, the most popular memes have been making the leap from internet screens to wearable items. When you buy a "Nevertheless, she persisted" shirt, you prove that you're someone who keeps up Internet culture as much as you keep up with the news. In fact, you're probably someone who keeps up with the news in order to make memes.
Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show the world that you're not just an average person, bumbling through the day. You're a cool person. Seize the most recent pop culture trend while it's still relevant. Here are 2017's best memes you can actually be for Halloween
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