This Is What Your Clogged Pores Look Like Under A Microscope

We're a people obsessed with staring at our pores. Some of us can quickly squeeze one blackhead and walk away from the mirror; others spend both our hard-earned time and money experimenting with pore vacuums and nose strips and eating up every new Dr. Pimple Popper video on the web. And in that latter category falls one Redditer who took their "porexia" to a new level with the help of a microscope.
User Fit-N-Funky posted an enticing thread late last night to the Reddit forum Skincare Addiction. "I started by cleaning my face with a scrubber and hot water. Moved on to a nose strip and finally a peel off face mask. I am surprised at how much my pores closed up after some light treatment. really goes to show that a little goes a long way," read the initial post, which was followed by a link to a series of photos of her congested pores taken by a mini USB microscope. Ready?
The before photo shows the user's cheeks, nose, and forehead before a full cleanse — i.e. dirty AF with what we assume is a concoction of dirt and oil, perhaps makeup.
Photo: Via @Fit-N-Funky/Reddit.
Photo: Via @Fit-N-Funky/Reddit.
After peeling off a pore strip, the congestion is visibly relieved on the nose. "I started with a nose strip. As you can see, they really do a great job cleaning deep into the pores," they wrote, captioning a photo of a freshly vacuumed pore.
Photo: Via @Fit-N-Funky/Reddit.
Photo: Via @Fit-N-Funky/Reddit.
Next up: A peel-off mask to grab whatever impurities are left. The last few photos show smoother lines and seemingly smaller pores — a full 180 from the first round of shots.
So what did we learn here today? Pore strips can be helpful. A robust skin-care routine pays off. And suffering from trypophobia never felt more real.
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