Even "Morbidly" Hungover, Jennifer Lawrence Is A Hoot

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Jennifer Lawrence was very hungover when she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday evening to promote her new film Mother!, and she somehow still managed to be a hoot and a half. Acting skills aside, the girl has talent — "being hungover and still doing things" is a skill we'd all like to have in our arsenal, right?
"I am morbidly hungover," Lawrence shared at the beginning of her interview. That doesn't usually bode well for a late night talk show, but the rules don't really apply to the actor. Wednesday night was the premiere of Mother!, which Lawrence attended with her family and a pack of her best friends.
"I have been working very hard; I haven't been drinking because I've been working every day," Lawrence explained later. "I've actually never worked in this state before. I've never been this hungover at work. Normally, I don't have to work the day after the premiere."
Which, of course, lets us in on the "secret" that appearing on a late night talk show is work. Don't get us wrong — when a celebrity makes an appearance anywhere, it's work, and guests on talk shows are often contractually obligated to be there to promote their new project. But most celebs don't cop to it. It's all smiles, handshakes, and anecdotes about recent family vacations, as if the guest is just there to reconnect with an old friend.
"By the way, I hope you don't consider what you're doing right now work," Meyers joked.
"Of course not! I'm here by choice," Lawrence said. (She's probably not.) "I called Paramount."
She slouched in her chair, groaned for a pair of sweatpants, and when the interview ended, she asked, excitedly, "It is over?" Which, to be fair, is what most of us do at work, even when we're not hungover. It feels redundant to say Jennifer Lawrence is easy to relate to, but she really is undeniably charming.
Luckily for her, Lawrence said on The Today Show this week that she's going to take a hiatus from acting, so hopefully, she won't have to work hungover again for a while.
Watch the full interview segment, below.
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