Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In September

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September is nigh, which means so is the beginning of the school year, and a slight change in weather, depending on where you're located. But it also means that Netflix is about to undergo its monthly molting — soon, you'll have a whole new set of movie and television titles to go with your pumpkin spice latte. Alternatively, you'll have more fodder for back-to-school procrastination.
This month, Netflix has some whoppers. There's the Academy Award-nominated Carol, as well as Disney's Beauty & The Beast, and the classic film Jaws. The best of these classic film arrivals, in my personal opinion, is Dead Poets' Society, the movie that made "O, Captain, My Captain" an iconic phrase.
This is also the month that Disney comes to Netflix — that means classics like Pocahontas, Hercules, and Mulan will soon be available for streaming.
The real wealth here, though, is in the September Netflix Originals. The crime drama Narcos returns for a third season September 1, and fans of BoJack Horseman can take on the fourth season September 8. Then, there's a slew of brand-new ones: the satirical series American Vandal, an autobiographical series from the comedian Jack Whitehall, and a new animated series from The League's Nick Kroll, among others.
Read on for the full list of new titles coming to Netflix this September.
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Amores Perros (2000)

Gael García Bernal stars in this thriller about the events surrounding a dramatic car crash.

Available September 1
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City of God (2002)

In Rio de Janeiro, two young boys grow up and explore diverging paths.

Available September 1
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Dead Poets Society (1989)

Robin Williams plays an inspiring professor in this Oscar-nominated film also starring Ethan Hawke.

Available September 1
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Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Just in time for Shark Week — Samuel L. Jackson stars in this film about researchers terrorized by a shark in the open water.

Available September 1
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Disney's Hercules (1997)

You know the tale: He went from a zero to a hero. Just like that.

Available September 1
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Disney's Mulan (1998)

"You boys owe me a new pair of slippers!"

Available September 1
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FINAL FANTASY XIV Dad of Light: Season 1 (2017 - )

A father and son develop their relationship by playing Final Fantasy XIV together in this Netflix Original.

Available September 1
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Hoodwinked (2005)

It's Little Red Riding Hood (voiced by Anne Hathaway) like you've never seen her before in this twist on the fairytale.

Available September 1
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Resurface (2017)

War veterans find solace in surfing in this Netflix Original documentary.

Available September 1
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High Risk (1981)

Josh Brolin stars in this caper about a group of men who decide to raid the warehouse of a notorious drug dealer.

Available September 1
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Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Ben Affleck directs this Boston-centric tale about a girl's kidnapping.

Available September 1
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Fracture (2007)

Anthony Hopkins plays a killer who represents himself in his own trial — against hotshot lawyer Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling).

Available September 1
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Gangs Of New York (2002)

Amsterdam Vallon (Leonardo DiCaprio) avenges his father's death amidst a country turmoil in 1863.

Available September 1
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Hotel For Dogs (2009)

It's just as it sounds: two kids, played by Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin, start taking care of stray dogs.

Available September 1
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Jaws (1975)

Meet the movie that made sharks into cold-blooded killers.

Available September 1
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Jaws II (1978)

And its sequel!

Available September 1
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Jaws 3 (1983)

Who cares if it's not Shark Week season? Watch all three!

Available September 1
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Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

We mean all four! (This particular Jaws iteration stars Dennis Quaid, also known as the dad from The Parent Trap.)

Available September 1
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LEGO Elves: Secrets of Elvendale: Season 1 (2017 - )

Learn the secrets of Elvendale, the LEGO elf realm, in this Netflix Original for kids.

Available September 1
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Little Evil (2017)

Adam Scott stars in this horror comedy about a demon child.

Available September 1
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Narcos: Season 3 (2015 - )

In the third season of Narcos, Javier Pena moves on to take down Pablo Escobar’s successors in Colombia’s cocaine trade, the Cali Cartel.

Available September 1
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Pulp Fiction (1994)

Quentin Tarantino's classic about two mob hit men takes the Netflix stage.

Available September 1
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Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Jared Leto plays a drug addict who lives in Coney Island in the Darren Aronofsky classic.

Available September 1
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She's Gotta Have It (1986)

Nola (Tracy Camilla Johns) has three lovers; she doesn't want to commit to any of them, but they're clamoring for monogamy.

Available September 1
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The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography (2016)

This documentary examines the work of the photographer Elsa Dorfman.

Available September 1
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The Last Shaman (2016)

This documentary follows a man with depression who gives himself one year to find a "cure."

Available September 1
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The Rugrats Movie (1998)

The Rugrats head to the woods — where they get lost.

Available September 1
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The Secret Garden (1993)

A young girl living in India returns to her uncle's estate in London, where she meets a mysterious boy in a wheelchair.

Available September 1
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The Squid & The Whale (2005)

Two siblings grapple with their parents' divorce in 1980s Brooklyn.

Available September 1
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West Coast Customs: Season 5 (2013 - )

More cars get tricked out on the West Coast!

Available September 1.
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Who The F**ck Is That Guy? (2017)

This documentary tells the tale of Michael Alago, a New York native and an icon in the music business.

Available September 1
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Vincent N Roxxy (2017)

Zoë Kravitz stars in this romance about lovers on the run from violence.

Available September 2
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Graduation (2016)

This Romanian film depicts the familiar struggle of watching children graduate and become adults.

Available September 4
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Photo: Samaritan Films.
Facing Darkness (2017)

This documentary follows a Christian relief organization as they fight ebola in west Africa.

Available September 5
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Carrie Pilby (2016)

Carrie Pilby (Bel Powley) is very smart — so much so that she never leaves her apartment.

Available September 5
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Like Crazy (2011)

Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin star as international lovers who are separated by visa issues.

Available September 5
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Marc Maron: Too Real (2017)

The comedian and host of the WTF podcast debuts his hourlong Netflix special.

Available September 5
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Newsies: The Broadway Musical (2017)

The Disney movie become a Broadway show. Then, they filmed the Broadway show. Now, it's on Netflix.

Available September 5
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A Good American (2015)

Learn about a stellar code-breaker who worked for the NSA in this documentary.

Available September 6
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Hard Tide (2015)

A young girl befriends a hardened drug dealer.

Available September 6
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The Blacklist: Season 4 (2013 - )

James Spader is a smooth-talking criminal mastermind in the third season of this NBC show.

Available September 7
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#realityhigh (2017)

It's a high school movie for this era: an unpopular high schooler must contend with her new boyfriend's ex, who happens to be a "social media influencer."

Available September 8
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Apaches: Season 1 (2015 - )

Watch the first season of this Spanish series.

Available September 8
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BoJack Horseman: Season 4 (2014 - )

The fourth season of this animated dramedy makes it way to Netflix.

Available September 8
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Fabrizio Copano: Solo Pienso En Mi (2017)

Chilean comedian Fabrizio Copano performs a comedy special.

Available September 8
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Firechasers: Season 1 (2017 - )

Follow firefighters out west in this documentary series.

Available September 8
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Greenhouse Academy: Season 1 (2017 - )

Two high school-aged siblings attend boarding school after the loss of their mom.

Available September 8
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Joaquín Reyes: Una y no más (2017)

The Spanish comedian takes the Netflix stage for an hourlong special.

Available September 8
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The Confession Tapes (2017)

This true crime documentary explores the instances in which people retracted their confessions.

Available September 8
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Spirit: Riding Free: Season 2 (2016 - )

A wild horse befriends a young girl — together, they form a pretty sweet team.

Available September 8
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The Walking Dead: Season 7 (2010 - )

The seventh season of AMC's bloodiest show makes it way to Netflix.

Available September 8
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Photo: Courtesy of IFC.
Portlandia: Season 7 (2011 - )

The satire of "hipsters" in Portland starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein debuts its seventh season.

Available September 9
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The Forgotten (2004)

Julianne Moore stars in this thriller about a woman who remembers her children, even though the world claims they never existed.

Available September 11
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Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster (2017)

The man behind the puppet — Jeff Dunham — steps behind the puppet again.

Available September 12
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Photo: Southern Star.
Offspring: Season 7 (2010 - )

The Australian series about a gynecologist and her zany family returns.

Available September 13
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Photo: Courtesy of Panorama.
Ghost of the Mountains (2017)

In this Chinese independent film, a man, having found prosperity, returns to his struggling hometown.

Available September 13
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Disney's Pocahontas (1995)

Pocahontas will be on Netflix soon enough — it's just around the riverbend.

Available September 14
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First They Killed My Father (2017)

Angelina Jolie directs this Netflix Original about a young girl's struggle amidst violent political turmoil in Cambodia.

Available September 15
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
American Vandal: Season 1 (2017 - )

This satirical series pokes fun at true crime documentaries. In this case, the criminal is a high school who drew a bunch of phalluses around his high school.

Available September 15
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Larceny (2017)

Dolph Lundgren is a professional thief in this heist film.

Available September 15
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Project Mc²: Part 5 (2015 - )

Four girls who are very well-versed in STEM moonlight as spies for the organization NOV8.

Available September 15
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Rumble (2016)

A retired MMA fighter must brandish his fisticuffs again to save his girlfriend.

Available September 15
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Strong Island (2017)

This documentary explores the murder and subsequent trial of a young man in New York. Yance Ford directs.

Available September 15
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
VeggieTales In The City: Season 2 (2016 - )

More fun-filled lessons with the veggies!

Available September 15
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Call the Midwife: Series 6 (2012 - )

The London midwives return for a sixth season.

Available September 18
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The Journey Is The Destination (2017)

This documentary depicts the life and times of Dan Eldon, a 22-year-old photography prodigy who was killed in Somalia on the job.

Available September 18
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Disney's Beauty & the Beast (2017)

Emma Watson stars as Belle in what feels like the billionth iteration of the fairytale.

Available September 19
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Jerry Before Seinfeld (2017)

The legendary comedian returns to the comedy club where he got his start for this special.

Available September 19
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Photo: Tytan Creates.
Love, Sweat, & Tears (2016)

Learn all about menopause research in this documentary.

Available September 19
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Carol (2015)

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara play two women who fall in love in the '50s.

Available September 20
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Gotham: Season 3 (2015 - )

The Batman prequel marches on, bringing its third season to Netflix.

Available September 20
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Fuller House: New Episodes (2016 - )

The Fullers return for even more episodes of the revived sitcom.

Available September 22
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Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father: Season 1 (2017 - )

Whitehall, a British comedian, takes his father on adventures in an effort to deepen their bond.

Available September 22
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The Samaritan (2012)

Samuel L. Jackson is Foley, a formerly imprisoned man trying to escape his past.

Available September 22
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Alien Arrival (a.k.a Arrowhead) (2016)

In this sci-fi film, a stranded mercenary discovers life on an otherwise lifeless desert moon.

Available September 23
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Dark Matter: Season 3 (2015 - )

The third season of this mystery show on SyFy about six amnesiac passengers on a ship returns.

Available September 25
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Bachelorette (2012)

Rebel Wilson stars in this comedy about the trials of bridesmaid-hood.

Available September 26
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Night School (1981)

"Night school" is the scene of the crime in this whodunnit about a murder who decapitates young women.

Available September 26
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Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan (2016)

Follow Wendy Whelan, the iconic New York City Ballet ballerina, as she officially "retires" from the legendary company in this documentary.

Available September 26
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Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 4 (2016 - )

Watch part four of this Hawaii-based Japanese reality show.

Available September 26
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Photo: GFM Films.
Absolutely Anything (2015)

Simon Pegg stars as a man gifted with the ability to do "absolutely anything."

Available September 27
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Big Mouth: Season 1 (2017 - )

In this Nick Kroll-created animated Netflix Original, two best friends undergo the horrors (and the joys) of puberty.

Available September 29
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Club de Cuervos: Season 3 (2015)

The third season of this football-infused Netflix original — about a football empire in Mexico — debuts.

Available September 29
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Gerald's Game (2017)

This Netflix Original thriller, starring Carla Gugino, is an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Available September 29
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Real Rob: Season 2 (2016 - )

Rob Schneider's show returns for another season.

Available September 29
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The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season 1 (2017 - )

Kate McKinnon voices Mrs. Frizzle's sister in this revival of the beloved classic.

Available September 29
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Murder Maps: Season 3 (2015 - )

This docuseries explores murders throughout history — how they happened, how they were solved, and how we as a society learned from them.

Available September 30
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Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip: Season 1 (2017 - )

Available September 29
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