JoJo Fletcher Has Some Major Advice For Bachelorette Rachel

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Once a Bachelorette, always a Bachelorette, right? Season 13's JoJo Fletcher offers Rachel Lindsay and her new fiancé, Bryan Abasolo some lovely advice. Her own experience with her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, has taught her a few things about life outside of the Bachelor mansion.
It's been about a year since Rodgers proposed to Fletcher on The Bachelorette and those two lovebirds are still committed and taking it slow. Fletcher knows, first hand, some of the struggles and challenges Lindsay is about to face. Now, she's passing the tips off to Lindsay and Abasolo.
When the season finale airs, emotions are high. Fans, contestants, former contestants, and everyone in between has an opinion about the bachelorette and her choices. Fletcher spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what it's like to get through all the hype.
“Right after, you go through hard times, and it's not easy to transition into normal life that quickly," she explains. "I know that I'm not the first... We had a hard time, Rachel and Bryan will have a hard time, Kaitlyn [Bristowe] and Shawn [Booth], you all go through these situations where you’re trying to figure it out. If you're able to get through it, it turns into something very beautiful.”
She continued: “You're going to be so overwhelmed by so much love and so much support because of the Bachelor Nation fan base, but you're always going to have the negative opinions and the hurtful comments."
Fletcher and Rodgers have definitely experienced some hard times. Tabloids are constantly reporting that they've broken up, but JoJo's solution is to just ignore it.
“I think if you just focus on your relationship, not let it get to you — it's going to get to you but not let it get to you to the point to where you start taking it out on each other — and if you're able to get through that, then I think your relationship proves itself," she offers.
Finally, some advice Lindsay can actually use.
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