Forget Leggings — College Sweatpants Are Now "Fashion"

With the rise of athleisure, leggings and track pants have become the norm — so much so that celebrities are living in them both on- and "off-duty." We just never thought the trend would go, well, this far. Remember those thick drawstring-waist, elastic-ankle sweatpants you used to wear in high school? Yeah, those are fashion now.
And, who else would we have to thank than the Kardashians? Kim, Khloé, and Kylie have all been seen wearing them out and about (not just while they're lounging around at home or getting their makeup done). These baggy bottoms are being incorporated into full-blown looks, usually paired with a super-tight tank or bodysuit, a simple bandeau, or an ultra-cropped cop-top. As for the shoes? They can range from flat pool-slides to sky-high stilettos. Ever think about pairing your Walmart sweatpants with five-inch Giuseppe Zanotti's? Us either.
But, it's happening, and at least it's, erm, comfy? Plus, you don't have to spend a ton of money if you dare to try this look yourself. Click on to see how the World's Most Talked About Family is setting the bar for these traditionally unflattering throw-ons — and shockingly making them look ever so appealing. You knew there was a reason you were hanging on to that pair from your school days...

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