CVS Is About To Drop Lots Of New Products — & Here's Everything You Need

Maintaining the beauty collection of your dreams isn’t always gentle on your wallet. We get it: While spending your weekly lunch budget on a haul at Sephora or Nordstrom may feed your skin (and soul), it's not exactly great for your savings account. Luckily, a clever mix of high/low in your medicine cabinet is a solution that strikes the perfect balance of smart and savvy.
Today is your day, fellow bargain shopper, because CVS is dropping a ton of new launches from our favorite, affordable brands — and we’re ready to shop it all. It’s no secret that hunting down the best goods can be difficult from rows and rows of beauty products. And while we’d love to stand there examining five different mascaras through the packaging all day, we simply can’t. To make the shopping experience easier, CVS gave us an exclusive peek at the coolest launches from brands like Maybelline, Yes To, and L’Oréal, so we could formulate the perfect shopping list now to save time — and money — later.
Click ahead to check out the newest launches to hit CVS this July and August.
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While we're down for cream and gel masks, there's something easy about slapping a sheet mask on and not turning your sink into a goopy mess. This one uses volcanic clay to deeply clean pores, acting as a reset button for your skin after a long weekend.

Alba Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask, $3.49, available August 2017 at CVS.
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The drugstore's own beauty brand is one of the most underrated on the market. Fun fact: Beauty 360's newest cream masks are TSA-friendly and smell good enough to eat. Besides the blueberry and yogurt concoction, you'll also find pairings like chocolate and coffee, coconut and pineapple, and lemon and mint.

Beauty 360 Soothing Cream Facial Mask –Blueberry and Yogurt, $1.99, available in August 2017 at CVS.
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The same brand is also launching lip balms that look like our favorite French pastry — and they smells almost as good as the real thing.

Beauty 360 Macaron Lip Balm in Strawberry, $2.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Looking for a foundation that won't totally suffocate your skin in the summer heat? Covergirl's newest lightweight formula is like water on the skin, while still offering up enough coverage to hide any breakouts or dark spots you're not looking to broadcast.

Covergirl Vitalist ElixirFoundation, $12.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Chip-free nail polish isn't hard to achieve — if you want to go to the salon every two weeks. But who has time or money for that? Fret not, because Essie's Gel Couture line is a great alternative. We swear by the knockout formula, but this show-stopping blue with shimmer is our new fave.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Front Page Worthy, $11.50 available August 2017 at CVS.
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Whole Blends is Garnier's answer to the market's need for better, cleaner ingredients. And finally, the line is launching an argan oil-packed formula to ensure smooth-like-silk strands.

Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oil Conditioner, $4.49, available August 2017 at CVS.
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A sheet mask for oily skin? Count us in. Pro tip: Use this cotton mask right before applying your makeup to guarantee a look that won't require additional blotting.

Garnier Skin Active MoistureBomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask Mattifying, $2.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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This is the latest drugstore mascara that rivals its prestige counterparts, all thanks to a full, thick brush and even darker formula.

L'Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara, $9.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Eye shadow palettes inspired by cityscapes are sure to be filled with intense pigments — and your look will definitely stand out from the crowd with these purple and teal accents.

Maybelline City Mini Palettes, $9.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Arm falling asleep as you construct the perfect cat-eye? This liner is bent for ergonomic ease, so your liquid liner won't be the reason why you're late to brunch again.

Maybelline Curvitude Liner ($9.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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This liquid lipstick hits the top of our list for this year's most innovative formulas. Why? The pear-shaped brush is precise and pointed, so your Cupid's bow won't end up smudged and uneven, and the formula lasts for hours.

Maybelline SuperStay MatteInk ($9.49), available August 2017 at CVS.
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Neutrogena launched one of the first drugstore light therapy masks last year, so it's only natural the brand is releasing a spot treatment version that's perfect for travel and on-the-go breakouts.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $22, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Not only does this treatment blur imperfections almost instantly, but it also acts as a primer for your foundation.

Revlon Youth FX Fill + BlurPrimer for Forehead, $19.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Sheet masks are our favorite cheap find, and this option from The Crème Shop mixes two soothing ingredients in one. The honey locks in hydration while the lavender calms and fights any blemishes that might pop up overnight.

The Crème Shop Honey LavenderFusion Sheet Mask, $2.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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Two-step masks could destroy your cereal bowls. (Yes, we totally know from experience.) But this drugstore option takes the concept and offers everything you need in one $3 packet. Inside you'll find a pouch of powder, a disposable bowl, and a plastic spoon, so you don't have to sacrifice your silverware for clear skin.

Yes to Tomatoes Acne FightingDIY Powder-to-Clay Mask Single Use, $2.99, available August 2017 at CVS.
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