Fans Can't Believe That Winona Ryder Was Snubbed For An Emmy

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
The list of Emmy nominations has arrived, and while many are rejoicing over stars like Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us) and Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid's Tale) receiving much-deserved nods, there have been a handful of snubs that made some fans ask "What the hell?!?" While many are confused as to why Mandy Moore was passed over for her role as Rebecca in This Is Us, the actress that people are livid about not being on the Outstanding Actress list is none other than Stranger Things star Winona Ryder, who did not score an Emmy nod.
Seriously, Emmys... is this the Upside Down? While Stranger Things scored a whopping 18 Emmy nods — including an Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series nomination for Shannon Purser, who portrayed (#JusticeFor) Barb — Ryder was nowhere on the list. That's downright weird for a couple of reasons: Ryder's portrayal of a desperate mother searching for her son was moving, emotional, and big. It's the kind of meaty part that typically earn actresses an Emmys nod, especially when the show is already a critical darling. It was also a huge comeback role for Ryder, who, despite basically being a cultural icon thanks to movies like Heathers and Beetlejuice, hasn't had a mainstream starring role in quite some time.
I guess stranger things have happened (sorry not sorry), but fans couldn't help but express their outrage over Ryder's MIA nomination.
"why does stranger things have so many emmy noms when the only good thing about it was winona ryder," wrote one fan.
Another just got straight to the point:
"Winona Ryder not getting an #Emmy nom for her role as Joyce Byers is really upsetting bc she kicked ass in that role. #StrangersThings"
Others used GIFs and memes where words failed:
Fortunately, Ryder has another chance to earn her (much-deserved) nomination: Season 2 of Stranger Things will drop on Netflix on October 27. Here's hoping that the Emmy committee comes around next year.

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