Remember Hey Arnold!? It's Coming Back As A Movie

Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon.
Hey Arnold! is one of those shows that instantly bring you back. While there have been a handful of bizarre cartoon shows about misfit friends (Spongebob Squarepants, Doug, Rugrats), this Nickelodeon show really stands on its own. Plus, that theme song — iconic. The popular series ran for one sweet, perfectly 90s decade from 1994 to 2004. And now, fourteen years later, it's back in all its glory.
Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is a real thing that is happening in the seventeenth year of the twenty first century because the nostalgia factor is real night now.
So, where does the movie pick up? According to a clip premiered by Buzzfeed, we will meet up with Football Head and the crew only a year or after the series ended back in 2004. In the final episode of the season, Arnold had just found a hand-drawn map in the back of his father's journal which he thinks will lead him to his series-long absent parents. As the new clip reveals, the film kicks off with Arnold and his friends embarking on an excursion to search for his mom and dad inthe (made up) Central American country of San Lorenzo. Sounds like an adventure to me.
But be warned, if you grew up watching the show, you're about to feel old AF. As the clip reminds us, Arnold is a year older, which means he is finally finishing up the fifth (!) grade. Gerarld also now sports a "33" hoodie instead of a "33" jersey.
Nickelodeon first premiered the news of a Hey Arnold! tv movie last year, but the above video is the first real look we have of the upcoming special program so far.
Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is set to air Nov. 23.
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