You Will Find Out About Beyoncé's Twins When & How Beyoncé Wants You To

Over the weekend, it happened. Or, at least, we think it happened. Beyoncé has given birth to twins. For now, the world waits in anticipation until we hear the news from Beyoncé herself.
For someone so wildly famous, Beyoncé keeps masterful control over the way information about her public and professional life is disseminated. By now, we're used to hearing of Beyoncé's life progressions in beautifully-packaged announcements. She kept her pregnancy with the twins an airtight secret until February 1, 2017, when she announced the news in an Instagram post. And we're still reeling from December 2013, when she dropped an entire visual album overnight — no publicity, no buzz, and no fanfare.
Beyoncé has mastered the art of the reveal. Essentially, she waits for suspense to build, and then vanquishes clouds of rumors with one incredibly powerful and understated announcement. While we wait for the official word on Twin One and Twin Two, let's take a look at the formation of a superstar who needs no publicist but herself.
Here's a history of Beyoncé's biggest teasers and announcements.
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