Why You're Seeing #TheNewsIn4Words Trending Everywhere

The latest trending hashtag to sweep Twitter is #TheNewsin4Words. Apart from its obvious application, the 'shtag appears to be the brainchild of Jillian Zuckerman, whose Twitter bio advertises that she's been "CEO of top lead generation & marketing company for 10 years" and "@Midnight hashtag winner."
The hashtag itself was then promoted through @TheHashtagGame, which blasted it out to its followers. It's pretty clever, largely inoffensive, and allows a lot of people to participate in something all at once. It's a perfect example of how things happen on "the normie internet." People who love watching The Big Bang Theory are probably excitedly reading their contributions back and forth to each other right now as you're reading this. No shade, that's how normal humans who aren't jacked into content like it's the Matrix generally use Twitter.
The participants have been doing pretty funny things that are largely about the type of topics that you might expect. Here are some posts about Trump, who was really popular to talk about on this hashtag.
Others are about fake news and similar.
Still others took the news as a meta object.
The conservative people were the best, as always.

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