Britney Spears Fans Did NOT Like Lifetime's Biopic, Britney Ever After

There was no way a Britney Spears biopic was going to premiere quietly.
Lifetime's new biopic Britney Ever After is a fictionalized retelling of the pop star's often-tumultuous time in the spotlight. Spears did not approve of the network's venture (because, really, why would you?) which makes the movie seem particularly salacious. After all, without the "Oops! I Did It Again" singer's blessing, how authentic can the TV movie be? Twitter declares "Not at all," and Spears' fans are now dragging the new movie for being a ridiculous depiction of the star's major moments.
As a lifelong Spears fan, I, too, was a little worried about how this movie would play out. Fortunately, the film did provide at least one piece of entertainment. Reading fans' reactions to Britney Ever After is even better than re-watching Crossroads... or even just reading the terrible reviews of Crossroads. (By the way, I still live for Crossroads. Bad reviews be damned.)
So far, no response from Spears over her Lifetime movie, though I can't imagine she would enjoy it any more than her fans.

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