Chrissy Teigen Has An Excellent Point About "Relationship Goals"

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend literally can't play Toilet Trouble without the world collectively cooing about how they embody #RelationshipGoals. Sure, we'd all like to have a partner who's down for playing with toddler toys — but are we setting the bar too low?

Teigen thinks so. The model and cookbook author took to Twitter last night to call out fans for making too much of her highly entertaining post-Grammys Snapchat, in which Legend helped remove her jewelry because she was, erm, too boozy to do it herself. According to Teigen, that's not #RelationshipGoals. That's just good manners.

"How is John taking off my jewelry 'relationship goals' like your fuckin' boyfriend won't take your necklace off jfc leave him," she put it succinctly, and, well, wisely.
She's got a point. While is totally standard behavior suddenly so adorable and covetable when celebrities practice it? Doesn't glorifying basic decency and respect make it seem like it's so out of reach for us unlovable civilians, when it's really not? Let that sink in on today of all days — or at least until Chrissy Snapchats the spectacular Valentine's Day gift John gave her, and the envy fires up again.

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