Chrissy Teigen Has Green Fingers, Please Help Her

Chrissy Teigen has a green thumb, and she'd like to get rid of it.

Teigen took to Twitter to show off her emerald-hued fingers, a result of a very colorful '90s snack. Unfortunately, they kind of clash with her outfit for the Grammys.

"I ate fun dip with my fingers last night and I'm stained and Grammys are tomorrow," she wrote. "I've tried everything please help."

Teigen asked, and she received. Her fans were quick with jokes about Harry Potter. "Every time they put a camera on you, you're a little greener," one fan tweeted. "After awhile, scream 'THE CURSE IS SPREADING! I HAVE TO FIND DUMBLEDORE!' And then run out screaming."

Others offered some real advice to get rid of the stain including hand sanitizer. "Rubbing alcohol, hand san[itizer] or diluted denture tabs will do," a fan wrote.

Many thought she should try nail polish remover. "The acetone kind," one fan wrote. "If it can remove super glue, it can tackle fun dip, right?"

Another recommended Teigen soak her fingers in "salt for 24 hours" or "put coconut oil on it" telling her "that's pretty much all the solutions for everything, ever." Who knew?

Other fans took a page from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and suggested she try Windex. "Sounds crazy," one person wrote, "but @Windex will work for sure. It happened to me."

If all else fails, NPR's Linda Holmes has a great excuse for her to use to explain those green fingers. "Tell everybody you Hulked out but you're only a little angry," she wrote.

To see how this works out, you may want to check in with Teigen's Twitter feed later.

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