Ever Wish You Could Get Your Favorite Fashion Logos As Latte Art?

Photo: Courtesy of Coffee N' Clothes.
What would Instagram be without the gratuitous pictures of your friends' and acquaintances' fancy, foamy coffees? It's a longstanding — if oft-mocked — tradition: Procure yourself some beautifully-frothed caffeine, look around, quickly take an overhead shot, and add a filter to try to make your coffee 'gram different from the hundreds of other cortado and cappuccino snaps currently being posted around the globe.

To ensure that your cup of joe stands out from the well-caffeinated pack, though, you can seek out some seriously elaborate artwork crafted from milk and espresso — basically, anything more elaborate than the standard heart shape. The folks over at Coffee N' Clothes are experts at this: The popular Instagram account-turned-website that documents and celebrates photogenic coffee knows a thing or two about accruing those double-taps. And it sees your combination #OOTD-coffee break 'grams — and raises you fashion logo latte art.

In its latest photo series, Coffee N' Clothes brings together two of our favorite forms of Instagram bait: fancy lattes and logos. Instead of trying to frame the top of your mug with the front of your Gucci T-shirt, though, it translated some of the most recognizable branding from our favorite fashion houses into frothy artwork.

For the past two years, Coffee N' Clothes has paired up with a range of fashion brands, from Vans to Coach to Barneys New York, on a variety of projects "all rooted around coffee culture," explains Ryan Glick, who started the brand as an Instagram account based on his own wanderings and coffee shop discoveries. This series marks the first move beyond social-only content and into editorial. Coffee N' Clothes' Instagram origins are quite clear: These six collages are incredibly regrammable.

Check out the extremely stylish coffees in the slideshow, ahead. Now, the question is: How much might we annoy our barista tomorrow if we try to order a Burberry latte?

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