Southwest Flight Makes Unscheduled Stop After Passenger Gives Birth On The Plane

If you give birth on a plane, does that technically mean you scored a free ticket? That's a question for the passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando on Sunday who had a literal baby on the flight. USA Today reports that the flight took off at 3 p.m. but was diverted to Charleston after the passenger went into labor, landing around 4:30.

“Medical personnel onboard assisted with the delivery,” a Southwest spokeswoman said in a statement. “Emergency medical technicians met the flight upon landing and transported the parents and baby to an area hospital.”

Yes, that means the baby was successfully born on the flight, and all the passengers bore witness. One even posted a video to Twitter that features the hubbub and the distinct sound of a crying newborn baby.
The baby now has the best fun fact for its college orientation game of Two Truths And A Lie, and its fellow passengers were barely inconvenienced. After just 70 minutes, the plane took back off (sans mother and child), arriving just an hour behind schedule. That's okay, because we assume passengers were too filled with the glow of the miracle of life to notice. Or, abject horror. Both are understandable.

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